May 7, 2013

Put down your axe, self-publishers! Keeping your writing grudge-free

When was the last time this happened to you: You’re well into a new book, enjoying the subject and the writing both, when the author takes an unexpected side trip to tell you about her horrible boss, or his dreadful parents, or the ex-spouse from hell. The writing changes tone and your interest in the book essentially stops there.


August 13, 2012

There and back again: from traditionally published to self-published, author offers his invaluable advice.

By BlueInk Review Guest Blogger, Paul Goat Allen

Adam Connell published his debut novel “Counterfeit Kings” in 2004 and then effectively disappeared for almost a decade. His journey in that time is filled with invaluable insights, particularly to anyone considering becoming an author. After being chewed up and spit out by conventional publishing, the author […]


June 13, 2011

No. 1 reason reviewers trash self-published books

Among the stack of books on my study floor, there’s a children’s book with one page written entirely stream of consciousness. There’s a memoir with typos and grammatical errors on the back cover copy. There’s a nonfiction book that uses the past and present tenses interchangeably.