Take control of your campaign with a professional book review

Getting professional book reviews is the first step in launching a successful publicity and marketing campaign.  It tells your customers that the book you’re promoting is worth their time.  It gives that third-party validation expected in today’s world, where consumers count on reviews on everything from restaurants to refrigerators.

In addition, a professional review provides the sauce for your marketing materials: quotes for press releases, blurbs for book covers, editorial review credibility for Amazon and Barnes & Noble book pages.  Getting one review is also the first step in getting more reviews.

But these days, reviews can be nearly impossible to obtain.

As newspapers and magazines shed staff and space at unprecedented rates, fewer titles are chosen.  And too often, reviewers at mainstream publications highlight the same few titles, while hundreds of others are left behind. If your author’s book is overlooked, you can miss your chance to effectively launch the title.

How can you avoid letting down your client?

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Why leave your publicity campaign to chance? Don’t let your client’s book—the product of years of sweat and care– fall through the cracks and disappear.  We will deliver a 250-300-word, unbiased, professionally written review that can be invaluable to your publicity and marketing efforts.

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