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Welcome to BlueInk Review, where authors receive serious reviews from professional critics. We’ve developed some unique search features on our review site just for you. To help you refine your searches for the books of interest to your market, you can search for:

Notable titles: Just interested in the best books? Click on “Notable Books” and you’ll find books that have earned Starred reviews, indicating books of exceptional quality.  You can further refine the Notable search by selecting categories, such as “Nonfiction,” and “Pets.”

Books with notable sales records or author achievements: We offer authors the opportunity to add a note to their reviews if they have sold an impressive number of books, won special achievements, or have access to large audiences. Check “Author Platform” to limit your category search to titles with these designations.

Books written in the style of popular authors: If you’re looking for authors who write in a style similar to a well-known author, such as Jodi Picoult or Stephen King, simply enter the words “Highly recommended for fans of (insert author’s name)” in the Google overall site search box and all reviews that contain that recommendation will come up.

Books written by local authors and of regional interest: If you’re a librarian or bookseller, you will want to take note of worthy authors in your area. We’ve archived reviews according to the author’s current residence. This way, you can find the books written by those in your local communities. You can search this by entering the region of interest.  You can also narrow that search to the books we highly recommend by also clicking “Notable Books.”  To get even more specific, type in the name of your particular town in the review Google search box. Any review that mentions that town should appear.

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