November 17, 2015

7 Sure-Fire Ways to Spot a Fake Review

By Graham Dickson

Sites of booksellers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble feature countless consumer reviews — some legitimately written by objective third parties; others written by family and friends, and even by mills that pump out phony positive reviews for $5 a pop. Recently, Amazon has begun to take action against the authors of […]


September 4, 2015

Giving peas a chance: The challenges of professional book reviewing

You’ve finished your book and now you’re wondering: How on earth will I sell it? This is a daunting question, to be sure, one that involves carefully considering who your readers are and where you will find them. Whatever the tactic, one of the first steps in reaching readers is to obtain book reviews.



June 30, 2014

Oh the Mistakes We’ve Seen #5: BlueInk Review details common writing gaffes

By BlueInk Staff

“Oh, the Mistakes We’ve Seen!” is part of a series of BlueInk Review blogs offering advice and insight into self-published writers’ most common errors, as seen in the nearly 3,000 reviews of self-published books that we have provided since our inception in 2011.  Below, we have compiled excerpts from our more unfortunate […]


May 2, 2011

Author’s temper tantrum good lesson for writers

When an author received a bad review from a blogger, she threw a temper tantrum online that went viral. Now her fit is nearly as famous as the punch Snooki took to the jaw on “Jersey Shore.” BlueInk’s Patti Thorn wonders: Is that any way to launch a writing career?


December 30, 2010

Frank talk about fees

We realize that fee-based reviews are a new way of approaching reviews and are bound to stir up controversy. Here are the many reasons ours is a business model you can trust.


December 9, 2010

The view from here looks grand

We are gloriously, happily, finally live — and the emotion, I imagine, must be similar to how those who built the Eiffel Tower felt when they put that last steel girder in place: Ah! Finally, time to relax and survey the view! It’s a grand view, indeed, one that started with a simple conversation about the publishing world…