Instinct or Learned?

E. Glenn Tickner

Xlibris, 266 pages, (paperback) $17.99, 9781664151253
(Reviewed: September, 2021)

In this densely plotted psychological thriller, author E. Glenn Tickner creates a unique psychiatric condition and a hypothesis regarding specific details of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, including who arranged the murder.

On April 19, 1995, Erick Anderson, a young married man, watches in horror as the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City tragically […]

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The Silent Epidemic: A Child Psychiatrist’s Journey beyond Death Row

Susan D. Rich, MD, MPH, DFAPA

Lulu Publishing, 322 pages, (hardcover) $44.99, 9781483448817
(Reviewed: September, 2021)

With compelling research and stories from her personal practice, child psychiatrist Susan D. Rich urges broader awareness of the causes, consequences, and ways to prevent Neurodevelopmental Disorder associated with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure (ND-PAE).

Rich calls ND-PAE, affecting an estimated 1 in 20 children, a “silent epidemic” because medical personnel and alcohol retailers don’t adequately communicate […]

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Twisted Fairy Tells: The Untold Truths

William Moore

AuthorHouse, 200 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781665520836
(Reviewed: September, 2021)

Since 1937 with the production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, almost all fairy tales have been “Disneyfied.” The protagonists live happily ever after, and the villains are disappointed. In Twisted Fairy Tells, however, William Moore reveals, through his character Charles Wellington, the “Guardian” of these stories, “The Untold Truths” behind many of these […]

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The Gentleman’s Guide to Cooking

Randy Motilall

Xlibris, 158 pages, (paperback) $30.99, 9781664159044
(Reviewed: September, 2021)

Randy Motilall grew up in a Caribbean household in America and learned cooking from his parents, who taught him the joy of re-creating dishes for friends and family. In this cookbook, Motilall uses those skills to offer up a wide range of cuisines, from American to Asian to Latin American and more.

The book’s title, […]

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Hemmed Along in Poetry for Discursive Poetry

Mary Lee Jordano

Xlibris, 142 pages, (paperback) $16.99, 9781664166868
(Reviewed: September, 2021)

Hemmed Along in Poetry for Discursive Poetry is an eclectic, free-verse poetry collection by Mary Lee Jordano exploring a wide range of topics, from cats and coronavirus to meditations on aging, desire, and the nature of poetry itself.

The poems vary significantly in length and there’s also marked variation in diction, tone, and style. Many […]

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Three Dimensions: Lizzies Fizzies

Elizabeth Reinach

Xlibris, 102 pages, (paperback) $14.40, 9781984592408
(Reviewed: September, 2021)

Three Dimensions: Lizzies Fizzies is the first in a series of short story collections written by Elizabeth Reinach as part of a contribution to the writing community in her hometown of Aberdeen, Scotland.

The compact volume includes 23 tales, each approximately two to four pages. Most focus on quirky characters and/or comic adult-oriented entertainment, from […]

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Finding Forget-Me-Nots

Wickie Rowland

Beaver's Pond Press, 32 pages, , 9781643437712
(Reviewed: September, 2021)

A picture book that teaches children to live in the moment, not only in the past, Finding Forget-Me-Nots is a touching tale about being yourself.

Theo is a young elephant who is very forgetful. This trait results in his family chiding him again and again: for forgetting how to play chess, the names of movie […]

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Ophelia’s Room

Michael Scott Garvin

Wide Prairie Publishing, 481 pages, (paperback) $14.99, 9798534516876
(Reviewed: September, 2021)

Michael Scott Garvin’s Ophelia’s Room is a rare hybrid that inhabits the interstitial space between a thriller, whodunit, and literary novel about Americana and American values. Set in the late 1960s, it’s at once a gripping drama about a murder and an intriguing exploration of the relationship between religion and guilt.

Parsons, Kansas, is a […]

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Delivering the Digital Restaurant: Your Roadmap to the Future of Food

Carl Orsbourn and Meredith Sandlan

Amplify Publishing, 264 pages, (hardcover) $26.95, 9781645439486
(Reviewed: September, 2021)

The future of restaurants is digital, a change started long before the Covid-19 pandemic, argue Kitchen United executives Meredith Sandland and Carl Orsbourn in this snappy, convincing roadmap to the ways meals will reach customers in the coming years.

Fronted by quotes from such luminaries as Danny Meyer (founder of Shake Shack) and Gregg Creed […]

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Samantha and the Baby Rabbit

RD Hohenstein

Xlibris, 32 pages, (paperback) $14.99, 9781664171909
(Reviewed: September, 2021)

A rhyming tale of a girl helping a baby rabbit find its way home, Samantha and the Baby Rabbit is an especially fitting read for animal lovers.

The story begins: “Samantha was out playing/ In the backyard with her toys/ When she thought she saw some movement/ And she thought she heard a noise.” She […]

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