Women’s Health: Western and Eastern Perspective

Nadiya Melnyk

, 282 pages, (paperback) $25.95, 9781732159211
(Reviewed: November, 2019)

In Women’s Health: Western & Eastern Perspective, author Nadiya Melnyk presents a solid case for considering Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as part of a proactive wellness regime for women that also acknowledges the benefits of western medicine.

Western medicine focuses on healing diseases and injuries through surgery or pharmaceuticals. TCM has a different approach, one […]

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The Cost of Living

D. L. Huntington

iUniverse, 214 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781532070907
(Reviewed: November, 2019)

D.L. Huntington’s thriller, The Cost of Living, follows a rookie journalist on the trail of a murderous conspiracy targeting the homeless.

Newly graduated from college with a journalism degree, Rhonda Wells is unapologetically liberal. Eager to effect social change, Rhonda moves to New York and begins writing for a local paper.

Rhonda’s first assignment is […]

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Hard Luck Girl

Topshee Johnston

Tellwell Talent, 254 pages, (paperback) $14.99, 9780228803478
(Reviewed: November, 2019)

Hard Luck Girl is a fast-paced thriller set in Victoria, British Colombia, centering on a prostitute who finds her world upended when she discovers her pimp’s dead body and instead of calling the police, decides to dispose of his body.

Rose is a determined but damaged character. Her sister has died violently, and Rose has […]

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Anastasia Slabucho

AS Publishing, 274 pages, (paperback) $6.90, 9781693022074
(Reviewed: November, 2019)

Anastasia Slabucho’s Waterdown is a dystopian, cyberpunk novel—a cautionary tale about genetic engineering that skillfully explores themes of choice, redemption and absolution.

Fusion is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that runs the planet Earth—an AI that has decided to become a god and has learned to lie, even to its creator, Georgia (Geo) Spears. It now […]

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Living Like “This”: Volume One, Section One

John Clark III

iUniverse, 114 pages, (paperback) $33.99, 9781532054860
(Reviewed: November, 2019)

John Clark III’s artistic influences are clear in Living Like ‘This,’ the first section of the first volume of a graphic novel that tracks the exploits of a group of teenagers with extraordinary abilities.

This collection of vignettes about brother and sister Enmanuel and Autumn Summers and their compatriots Lynnwood Flores, Montrell Smith, and Hitomi […]

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Who Am I

J.R. Penna

John Penna, 328 pages, (paperback) $16.99, 9781732821606
(Reviewed: November, 2019)

In J.R. Penna’s novel of thought-provoking arguments about when life begins, two women struggle with questions of self-worth and self-determination.

Rita Garibaldi is a young South San Francisco native intent on succeeding as a real estate developer. Rosa Garcia, 14, is a Latina high school student, the daughter of Rita’s high school classmates. Rita is […]

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Pohoi and Comanche Spirit Power

J. L. Chalfant

iUniverse, 324 pages, (paperback) $19.95, 9781475973365
(Reviewed: November, 2019)

J.L. Chalfant’s Pohoi and Comanche Spirit Power is a well-researched, dramatic novel that opens in a small Comanche village in 1860 West Texas.

Here, 15-year-old Pohoi pesters her aunt Hunts Medicine about the secrets of Spirit Power, even though tribal custom forbids such knowledge to one so young. Nevertheless, the girl persists, making the dangerous […]

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Is Anyone Out There?

The Major

Xlibris, 378 pages, (paperback) $20.17, 9781543493726
(Reviewed: November, 2019)

Is Anyone Out There? presents an amusing conceit: Reproduce 100 letters you’ve written to various people in authority—none of which elicited a response.

The author, an entrepreneur and adventurer who served in the British military (hence, the pseudonym The Major), seems to have spent much of his life as an inquisitive gadfly. And he has […]

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“Song” of “Solomon” – Remastered: (Expanded Edition)

Kenneth Klarner

Global Summit House, 102 pages, (paperback) $9.99, 9781646067428
(Reviewed: November, 2019)

In his Song of Solomon—Remastered, Kenneth Klarner claims to have provided “a logical reconstruction” of this short book in the Old Testament.

The Song of Solomon, states Klarner, must be regarded as a “collection of parts that were recompiled in a WRONG ORDER from what they originally were in.” Klarner speculates that Judaic scholars must […]

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A Limey at Gettysburg

Eric B. Dennison and Robert T. Mitchell

AuthorHouse, 318 pages, (paperback) $18.67, 9781728389097
(Reviewed: November, 2019)

A Limey at Gettysburg is a compelling historical novel about a British journalist sent to America to cover the just-begun Civil War.

Firth Brown, writing for a Manchester newspaper, finds himself traveling across the Atlantic to Washington shortly after shots are fired at Fort Sumter. While reporting on the conflict, he falls for an American […]

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