The Sojourners

T.L. Hughes

Outskirts Press, 314 pages, (paperback) $14.95, 9781977201744
(Reviewed: December, 2018)

While a standalone novel, The Sojourners is the second title from author T.L. Hughes reflecting upon the early adult experiences of the baby-boomer generation.

It is 1984. Americans Mike, Decky and Luke are in their mid 20s and have chased their dreams of making it big in the music video industry to London. Through Mike’s […]

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More Things in Heaven and Earth: The Only Jew in a Catholic School: Epiphanic Teaching

Philogia Prima

LifeRich Publishing, 116 pages, (paperback) $11.99, 9781489716620
(Reviewed: December, 2018)

Despite holding degrees in medieval English history and a PhD in philosophy, Philogia Prima struggled to land a high school teaching job. But when a Catholic school hires her, she begins a journey leading to an epiphany about the value of teaching.

In Part I of this reflective treatise, the author describes the difficulty in […]

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The Outlandish and the Ego

O. Ryan Hussain

Xlibris, 289 pages, (paperback) $19.99, 9781524581534
(Reviewed: December, 2018)

In a time in America that feels rather mad, novelist O. Ryan Hussain offers an over-the-top, pitch-black satire billed as “political erotica.”

Our main character is quite mad himself. Germophobic and schizophrenic, Samuel Salimone is imprisoned in a mental institution, defying doctor’s orders by refusing to take his meds and other behaviors and living in […]

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My Life in God’s Hands

Wesley Watts

Xlibris, 168 pages, (paperback) $19.99, 9781984509185
(Reviewed: December, 2018)

“Wes, the only way that other people will know what God has done in your life is if you tell them,” says a pastor to the author. And so Watts penned My Life in God’s Hands, beginning with his 1932 birth in Baltimore, and continuing chronologically through the highlights of his life.

Now 85, Watts […]

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Saint Unshamed: A Gay Mormon’s Life

Kerry Ashton

Lynn Wolf Enterprises, 339 pages, (hardcover) $28.95, 9780692170519
(Reviewed: December, 2018)

This powerful, extensively detailed memoir tells the life story of Kerry Ashton, who grew up gay and Mormon in a small Idaho town.

An actor and playwright, Ashton dramatically tells his tale, first detailing his abusive childhood and struggles at college and later discussing his efforts to become a famous actor while learning to overcome […]

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Betrayal of Stewardship: Extinctions, Declines, and Endless Attacks— God’s Prophecies About His Animal Species

Dr. Sondra O'Neale

Trafford, 230 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781490789026
(Reviewed: December, 2018)

“Planet Earth is dying—or rather human beings are killing it,” writes Dr. Sondra O’Neale in a timely, impassioned work that looks to bring awareness to the atrocities being perpetuated on the Earth’s animals and its environment. Mixing theological insights with contemporary scientific information on global warming and the mass extinction of species of mammals, birds, […]

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A Warm Embrace

Marie Jones

Xlibris, 64 pages, (paperback) $15.99, 9781984519399
(Reviewed: December, 2018)

Marie Jones’s A Warm Embrace is a poetry collection with two apparent goals: first, to celebrate the author’s cherished memories and loved ones, and second, to serve as a manual of sorts to help readers navigate their own special moments and relationships.

While Jones seems to be emphasizing cultivating joy and love in one’s life […]

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Etty Steele: Vampire Hunter

Grayson Grave

Grayson Grave, 136 pages, (paperback) $6.50, 9781717836168
(Reviewed: December, 2018)

Etty Steele, the scrappy 10-year-old budding vampire hunter and protagonist of this wittingly engaging novel, is a welcome addition to the bloodthirsty literary fantasy world.

Etty and her best friend (given the unfortunate name of April Showers) each are coming into their own alter-ego powers. Etty is a vampire hunter and the youngest in a […]

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Butterfly Hill

Brendan le Grange

Le Grange, 308 pages, (paperback) $9.99, 9789881361721
(Reviewed: December, 2018)

In Brendan le Grange’s suspense story, Butterfly Hill, Belgian detective Matthys Rossouw tracks art thief Hiko Shimizu, a man he’s chased across Europe and now to Hong Kong.

Butterfly Hill is a sequel to le Grange’s debut novel, Drachen. For newcomers, le Grange offers a brief synopsis to set the scene.

Here, Shimizu’s goal isn’t […]

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Grandpa I’m Afraid

Mart Grams, illustrated by Allisandra German

Xlibris, 26 pages, (paperback) $21.99, 9781984526076
(Reviewed: December, 2018)

Mart Grams addresses common fears of young children page-by-page in the comforting children’s picture book Grandpa I’m Afraid.

Each fear receives its own page of dialogue between Alli and her grandfather—and sometimes Sophia, another granddaughter. Here, Grandpa defuses the kids’ concerns with a combination of rational and emotional arguments: for example, fear of bees is […]

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