640 Acres and Dirt Poor

Janet Godwin Meyer

AuthorHouse, 582 pages, (paperback) $28.99, 9781546205555
(Reviewed: April, 2018)

Janet Godwin Meyer’s 640 Acres and Dirt Poor details several generations in the lives of two families. While the book has no introduction or foreword to explain its purpose, it appears to be nonfiction, rather than a fact-based novel.

The story begins in 1915, with 67-year-old Hugh Godwin, a poor famer in rural Georgia, deeply […]

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Postmodern Deconstruction Madhouse

Peter Quinones

iUniverse, 130 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781491791837
(Reviewed: April, 2018)

Peter Quinones’ Postmodern Deconstruction Madhouse is a unique collection of short stories and essays that offer an eclectic mix of character studies, Shakespearean analysis, and film and literary discussion.

Quinones’ opening stories, including “The Fizz Notorio” and “Burn Series,” focus on mismatched couples and diverse, intriguing characters—from a young woman drawn to an older […]

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On Tour With the Seven Deadly Sins: Six Morality Plays for the Modern Age

Mike Hood

Xlibris, 186 pages, (paperback) $19.99, 9781543472332
(Reviewed: April, 2018)

Author Mike Hood’s thumbnail bio mentions his Ph.D. in English and 31 years of teaching literature/medieval literature and “the history of ideas.” This background is undeniably reflected in his On Tour with the Seven Deadly Sins, a collection of plays reflecting a sardonic look at the human condition.

Addressing teachings from Aristotle to Carl Jung, […]

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Why Did You Come if You Leave Again?: The Narrative of an Ethnographer’s Footprints Among the Anyuak in South Sudan

Conradin Perner

Xlibris, 788 pages, (paperback) $39.99, 9781524571887
(Reviewed: April, 2018)

Ethnography at its core is the anthropological study of a people by immersive participation in their culture. The ethnographer’s observational work records the everyday details of the study’s subjects—but what of the ethnographer him/herself?

Conradin Perner produced a definitive series on the Anuyak people of the South Sudan, and, having published that series, embarked on […]

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A Very, Very, Very Old Mystery

Max Willis Foxton

iUniverse, 227 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781532026478
(Reviewed: April, 2018)

n Max Willis Foxton’s novel, a young boy encounters the supernatural and journeys to the past to help save his family.

Ten-year-old Jeremiah Morris has traveled with his family to his grandparents’ country estate in England. One rainy afternoon, he discovers nine generations of dead ancestors living in the attic. They are caught between heaven […]

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Happy Daze with Tommy and the Rivieras

Tommy Janette

iUniverse, 111 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781532038808
(Reviewed: April, 2018)

Anyone who played in a popular local band, appearing in bars in a string of towns within driving distance and opening for famous acts, could probably tell many funny, touching and outrageous stories about life in the shadows of stardom. There’s so much promising material, after all. Happy Daze with Tommy and the Rivieras is […]

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The Streetwalker and the Odd Shoe

Dr. Prem Kutowaroo

AuthorHouse, 454 pages, (paperback) $27.32, 9781546281283
(Reviewed: April, 2018)

The Streetwalker and the Odd Shoe is a novel based on the true story of a homeless man in London.

The story begins with Mark, aged 14, choosing to live on the streets. His father has physically abused him for years and so, with the help of his half-brother Steve, Mark takes a train to […]

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The Door

Craig Wickersham

Lulu, 170 pages, (paperback) $18.99, 9781483474571
(Reviewed: April, 2018)

Craig Wickersham’s The Door is an engaging fantasy featuring a protagonist who blossoms as she discovers her own strengths.

Seventeen-year-old Luci Comburet has low self-esteem. She’s too thin, has scraggly black hair, a pallid complexion, and no friends. One day, she awakens in her broken-down trailer home to an overwhelming odor and is shocked to […]

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Lone Star Lady

Linda Kennedy

Xlibris, 326 pages, (paperback) $15.99, 9781543434033
(Reviewed: April, 2018)

In this fast-paced historical romance, a brave heroine embarks on a quest for revenge. She also hopes to reunite with a lost love—and finds much more.

After her mother died, Morganna McKinney Caldaron and her sisters were left with her stepfather, and Morgan was named heir to her family’s fortune. In an attempt to eliminate […]

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The Mogul: Hotel and Casino

J.F.Quirk III

iUniverse, 103 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781532036422
(Reviewed: April, 2018)

The intrigue that swirls around casinos and the people who dwell within can be a perfect backdrop for duplicity, crime and intrigue. This is what author J.F. Quirk III promises in his short novel, The Mogul: Hotel and Casino. Unfortunately, writing issues prevent the story from reaching its potential.

The book is oddly constructed with […]

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