Thomas Duffy

Thomas Duffy, 199 pages, (paperback) $10.99, 9798718984675
(Reviewed: August, 2021)

In Thomas Duffy’s novel Heavenly, protagonist John lives a life of no consequence, dies, and then is given a second chance to discover love and meaning in the body of a man named Peter.

The book begins by establishing John’s “lonely existence” in New York City. When John is killed by a stray bullet at […]

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As Fate Would Have It

David M. Brooks

Outskirts Press, 384 pages, (paperback) $23.95, 9781977239563
(Reviewed: August, 2021)

As Fate Would Have It, by David M. Brooks, is about a man who has a terrifying recurring dream in which he sees people in a coffin who are about to die.

The dream starts after Chris Battles’ girlfriend Sherry is paralyzed in a bungee jumping accident, and she blames Chris, who was only knocked […]

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Pimping Out My Sister-In-Law*: Volume 1

Sheldon Charles

Valkyrie Spirit Publishing, 75 pages, (ebook) $1.49, 9781733958875
(Reviewed: August, 2021)

Sheldon Charles’s Pimping Out My Sister-in-Law*: Volume 1 is a brief collection of stories about human relationships and looking back at loss.

All four stories in this novella-length collection revolve around a duo facing a challenging moment. In “Words Ever Unspoken,” Carson meets with Missy to return a set of photograph albums and reminisce about […]

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Mastering the Lost Art of Oratory: A Study Program for Developing Communication Skills

Robert Babcock, MSEd

Page Turner Press and Media, 226 pages, (paperback) $10.99, 9781638710745
(Reviewed: August, 2021)

Robert Babcock’s Mastering the Lost Art of Oratory aims to teach children to speak and communicate effectively.

In this comprehensive workbook, Babcock emphasizes that “good writing makes speaking better and good speaking makes writing easier.” Through easy-to-follow activities, he posits that students will improve their speech writing skills, which are crucial to verbally communicating “with […]

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Floreat Lux

Robert Brace

Robert Brace, 524 pages, (hardcover) $43.00, 9781737319207
(Reviewed: July, 2021)

Robert Brace’s Floreat Lux is a wild, complex novel that blurs the line between the real and the supernatural, presenting a strange mix of art, religion, history, and even demonology.

Sabrina Lancaster is working on her postgrad at NYU Law School and writing a dissertation about the opinions of Supreme Court Justice Mariano Scaglietti, who […]

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Historical Accuracy

Steve Campbell

Stephen Campbell, 469 pages, (paperback) $24.99, 9798710752807
(Reviewed: July, 2021)

In Historical Accuracy, Steve Campbell offers a course correction for Judeo-Christian believers, highlighting copious examples where scripture and history meet and diverge. The book’s purpose, the author explains, is to question the “foundations upon which some stake their attention to religion and spirituality for protection and sanctity.” The intent is to advance “religious education and […]

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Doizemaster: Phantasm Creed

Tony M. Quintana

Crystal Carriage Publishing, 372 pages, (ebook) $3.95, 9781736934029
(Reviewed: July, 2021)

Doizemaster: Phantasm Creed is a traditional, fantastical hero’s journey featuring Dashiel Ermitage, an unremarkable librarian’s apprentice and average teenager living in the city of Azahar who dreams of grander adventures.

Azahar has long been shielded from the vagaries and violence of the surrounding empire of Zaphyrelia, an “outerland” where the evil ruler Abelon Asedia reigns […]

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No Other Name

Robert Beatty

AuthorHouse, 974 pages, (paperback) $32.99, 9781728343099
(Reviewed: July, 2021)

Robert Beatty’s, No Other Name, is a sweeping and tragic historical romance novel.

The story centers on Samuel, a farm boy who, on the night of his high school graduation dance, is convinced by his best friend Ben that they should celebrate by losing their virginity at the local whorehouse.

There, he meets “Clarinda,” a […]

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Pablo Learns Patience and Pickleball/Pablo Aprende Paciencia y Pickleball

John W. Coburn

AuthorHouse, 108 pages, (paperback) $10.99, 9781665513586
(Reviewed: July, 2021)

In Pablo Learns Patience and Pickleball, an excitable little boy is taught to slow down in order to learn a new game.

One day, Pablo’s parents try to teach him to play pickleball. Pablo, a young boy who can’t hold still, talks a mile a minute, guessing how the game might be played and what […]

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Workquake: Embracing the Aftershocks of COVID-19 to Create a Better Model of Working

Steve Cadigan

Mascot Books, 216 pages, (hardcover) $24.95, 9781645434269
(Reviewed: July, 2021)

Corporate America has found it difficult to get people back to work after the pandemic. But talent shortages, especially in fields like tech that drive the economy, were a problem even before the pandemic. Steve Cadigan’s compelling book Workquake explains why.

Cadigan posits that the pace of technological change makes employees’ skills obsolete in less […]

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