A Wonderful Place to Die

MJ Biggs

Night Owl Fiction, 235 pages, ,
(Reviewed: October, 2021)

MJ Biggs’ novel, A Wonderful Place to Die, tackles the difficult subject of domestic abuse in teenage and college relationships.

The novel follows Dani, a teenage rock singer and guitarist, from high school through her first job after college. It centers on her relationship with Desmond.

Like Dani, Desmond is the lead singer of a […]

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Mosquito Junction

Robert Saito

Westwood Books Publishing, 198 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781546247883
(Reviewed: October, 2021)

This reprint of his 2018 AuthorHouse release compiles author Robert S. Saito’s memories of his many jobs and travels into an amusing, broad-minded look back at a colorful life.

The book begins in 1955 with Saito’s military assignment to a shipyard called Mosquito Junction in Hawaii and from there describes his various postings with the […]

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The Girl Who Wrote Her Own Fairytale

Lee DeNoya, illustrated by Angel Dominguez

Palmetto Publishing, 68 pages, (hardcover) $24.95, 9781649907936
(Reviewed: October, 2021)

A restless young woman leaves home and learns priceless life lessons in Lee DeNoya’s stunning picture book The Girl Who Wrote Her Own Fairytale.

In an unspecified pre-automobile era, a grandmother sits down to read a story to her granddaughter, the “I-am-not-sleepy little girl.” This framing device establishes the story-within-the-story, told in clever rhyming verse, […]

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The Messenger

Rev. Mialena Zachary, M.Msc.

Barnes & Noble Press, 168 pages, (hardcover) $23.00, 9781666276060
(Reviewed: October, 2021)

The Messenger offers a group of writings the author hopes will inspire a reader’s personal spiritual journey. Most of the book is a novella peopled with biblical characters, using traditional Hebraic and Aramaic spellings of names and places. Following the novella, the author recounts her own spiritual journey.

The novella’s plot loosely follows the New […]

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The Purpose Driven Marketing Handbook: How to Discover Your Impact and Communicate Your Business Sustainability Story to Grow Sales, Retain Talent, and Attract Investors 

Paul Pierroz

Race Gate, 292 pages, (paperback) $16.99, 9781777815301
(Reviewed: October, 2021)

“Sustainability” is more than a buzzword. It’s a value that shapes the decision-making of consumers and investors alike. Paul Pierroz’s handbook provides a method for how companies can not only adapt to a new, sustainability-centric world but see it as a strategic opportunity.

Executive, consultant and author Pierroz introduces the concept of sustainability for a […]

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Grandmother Moon and Roy G. Biv and Seeing without Seeing

Katharine Anne Young, RN MSNH

AuthorHouse, 112 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781728327266
(Reviewed: October, 2021)

This volume, which the author calls “a bedtime story for all ages,” is comprised of two distinct stories. In one, the benefits of natural healing methods are explained through Grandmother Moon’s visits to a lonely, skeptical man. In the second, Grandmother Moon undertakes a global search for non-drug interventions in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children.


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War in the Mountains: The Macbeth Light Artillery at Asheville, NC: 1864-1865

J.L. Askew

Covenant Books, 534 pages, (paperback) $24.95, 9781644685761
(Reviewed: October, 2021)

Diligent research and family connections inspired J. L. Askew’s compelling saga of the Macbeth Light Artillery brigade in its service to the Southern Confederacy in what the author refers to as the “War Between the States.”

First deployed from Union County, S.C., to bolster the burgeoning wartime efforts, the seasoned Macbeth contingent was sent to […]

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Starring… John Dillinger

Bill Walker and Brian Anthony

DeLarge Books, 352 pages, (paperback) $17.95, 9781735879642
(Reviewed: October, 2021)

This new novel from Bill Walker and Brian Anthony offers a slice of alternate history: what if the FBI hadn’t gunned down John Dillinger in front of the Biograph movie theater in 1934? And what if he had made his way to Hollywood?

In this version, Dillinger surrenders on his way out of the theater. […]

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The Cunning Secret of the Wise: A Response to the Spirit of the Times

Frederick Burniston

Great Writers Media, 344 pages, (paperback) $21.61, 9781664115996
(Reviewed: October, 2021)

Frederick Burniston’s The Cunning Secret of the Wise is an academic treatise exploring the philosophy and psychology of C.G. Jung and applying it to challenges both secular and spiritual. In a diverse, anthological approach, Burniston has curated 14 papers and three appendices (some previously printed in scholarly publications, and many benefiting from insights from additional […]

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Trials of a Dead Lawyer’s Wife: A True Story

Maggie Redmon

Xlibris, (paperback) $17.99 pages, 286, 9781664188556
(Reviewed: October, 2021)

Trials of a Dead Lawyer’s Wife is the true account of author Maggie Redmon’s search for answers after her soon-to-be ex-husband Scott dies while with a woman with a checkered past.

After seven happy years of marriage, Scott, a recovering addict, is prescribed pain medication after surgery, reigniting his addiction. Redmon sees him through his […]

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