Features & services

BlueInk Review offers many services and features carefully designed for the needs of the self-publishing and independently publishing author. For example:

  • All reviews are written by carefully vetted, professional writers and critics from mainstream media publications or notable online websites; editors from respected publishing houses; or professionals who have a demonstrated expertise in the subject matter of the book reviewed.
  • All reviews are professionally edited, ready for you to reprint on your marketing materials. Reviews are placed in our easily-searched archives (we designed BlueInk’s search options with the needs of both industry pros and self-publishers in mind).
  • All reviews feature free links to authors’ websites.
  • All authors may choose, for no extra charge, to allow website visitors to sample their book through Google Preview. (It is the author’s responsibility to upload their books on Google in order to activate this feature.)
  • All reviews feature free social network uploading and sharing links.
  • All books are considered equally for Starred reviews, rewarded to those books BlueInk’s individual reviewers highly recommend. If your book receives a Starred review, the Star will accompany your review wherever the review appears on the site, including in the archives.
  • All Starred books are eligible to receive a “BlueInk Best Book Award,” BlueInk’s highest accolade chosen for their real-world viability, in addition to their editorial excellence. If your book is awarded the BlueInk Best Book Award, your book, along with its cover art, will be featured on BlueInk’s home page at no charge to you.
  • All authors may list, directly below their review in a field titled “Author Platform,” sales figures, awards and other information of special interest to publishers, librarians, agents and booksellers.
  • Our robust search function enables site users to search reviews by the author’s current residence;  Author Platform; Notable Books (titles receiving Starred reviews and BlueInk Best Book Awards); category and subcategory; and by title, author and even keyword — all in an intuitive and friendly manner.
  • All authors may advertise their books on BlueInk’s site. Additionally, all authors are welcome to list upcoming author appearances and events in our Marketplace section. (An extra fee will be assessed for this feature.)
  • BlueInk actively promotes our site and services to agents, publishers, librarians, booksellers and readers. All BlueInk reviews are syndicated on Ingram’s iPage and Oasis databases (seen by 70,000 booksellers and librarians). Selected titles are disseminated to Publishing Perspectives (a popular website for global publishing insiders); idreambooks.com; the Douglas County (CO) Library System and the BlueInk app.
  • Authors have permission to reprint their reviews on all their marketing materials and book covers, in whole or in part (provided no words are changed, and BlueInk Reviews is credited).
  • Authors may remove their review from the site at any time, by emailing us at info@blueinkreview.com