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Print may still be black and white, but the world of publishing is every color of the rainbow. With technology that makes it easy for authors to print, market and even distribute their work, writers are releasing ebooks, print-on-demand titles, even stories serialized on their own websites — and that’s in addition to the hundreds of thousands of books released by  traditional publishing houses. It’s a kaleidoscope of options that’s constantly evolving.

But one thing hasn’t changed: No matter how authors choose to publish, they still need the credibility that comes with a professional, unbiased book review. Unfortunately, with mainstream media outlets shrinking all the time, it can be nearly impossible to obtain these reviews.

That’s where BlueInk Review comes in.

Founded by respected literary agent Patricia Moosbrugger and award-winning former book review editor of the Rocky Mountain News, Patti Thorn, BlueInk is the gold standard in book reviews.

While fee-based, all BlueInk reviews are honest appraisals, written by professionals drawn largely from mainstream media outlets or editors who have worked at well-respected publishing houses. As our critics discover worthy titles, we celebrate the finest of these books — featuring them in high profile positions on our web page and vigorously promoting them on social media and other venues.

In this way, more than a simple source for reviews, BlueInk acts as means for readers and industry professionals to find the next big book.

BlueInk offers a host of other services as well, including: articles with marketing and publicity tips, lists of important writing resources, and much more.

We invite you to explore our site. You can also contact us [email protected] and find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.