BlueInk’s mission is three-fold:

1) To serve as the gold standard of reviews in the self-published world.

Using our extensive roster of well-vetted and thoughtful critics — all with proven track records in mainstream publishing — we aim to offer reviews that are consistently fair and trustworthy and to award accolades (our Starred Reviews and “BlueInk Best Book” designations) only when well-deserved, in order that a glowing BlueInk review will be a prize authors can cherish and readers and industry professionals can trust.

2) To become a place where readers and professionals from the traditional book world routinely gravitate to, in order to find great reads.

We consider our “customers” not only authors who pay for reviews, but also readers, booksellers, librarians, agents and publishers — the people who can help self-published authors spread the word about their books. This means we are constantly thinking about how we can make our site and services helpful to this audience so that worthy self-published books find the broader audience they deserve.

3) To provide a vibrant forum where self-publishing authors can learn tips on how to be successful and find necessary resources.

Self-publishers often feel as if they’re in this venture alone. We aim to create a community by offering as many ideas, tips and resources on our site as our staff can gather.