Authors praise BlueInk Review


“Many thanks to BlueInk Review for this honor (inclusion in Booklist Magazine column), and for its thoughtful and insightful review of The Yawning Gap.  The review’s quality stood out to me compared to other editorial reviews I’ve received, quite apart from its favorability.  I look forward to hopefully working with BlueInk again in the future.” –C.V.Vobh


“I was so excited when I received a starred review from BlueInk, and I have used it in all my publicity efforts.  BlueInk is a high-caliber, respected resource, and I appreciate everything you do to support self-published authors.” –Barbara J. Dzikowski, The Fireweed Moon


“I want to thank you and everyone at BlueInk Review for giving me this opportunity. This kind of exposure to librarians across the nation is desired by so many kid-lit authors.”Stew Knight, Finn and Botts: Double Trouble at the Museum


“I’ve received a number of positive reviews for my Wild Ideas: Creativity from the Inside Out —but the quality of writing and depth of understanding on the part of your reviewer exceeds many others.” — Cathy Wild, author of Wild Ideas: Creativity from the Inside Out

“I was thrilled to receive a preview of the Booklist page which will include the BlueInk review of my book, The Adventures of Brother Arcadius and Pangur Ban. I have gained everything I hoped for when I signed up with BlueInk, and much more. Innovative, smart, practical, caring, idealistic, genuinely respectful of a writer’s efforts—these are the qualities I see in my dealings with your service.  If my whole-hearted recommendation  counts for anything, you  certainly have it.” — Margaret Nagel, author of The Adventures of Brother Arcadius and Pangur Ban


“How incredibly grateful I am to you!! So many parents have brought me to tears with their stories, and I am so thankful to you for helping me to reach them to try to help…I have so very much to be grateful for and you at BlueInk have played a crucial role in this journey for me from the heart.” — Greer M. Gurland, author of How to Advocate Successfully for Your Child: What Every Parent Should Know about Special Education Law


“Thank you for the invaluable review. I wish to opt out from having the review posted on your website as I am going to action some of the suggested changes.” — author’s name withheld upon request


“Thank you so much for providing a timely and very professional review of my book! I really appreciate the reviewer’s perspective… he/she caught the spirit of the book PERFECTLY and relayed it WONDERFULLY. You made my day!…I’ve been so impressed with the quality of ALL the Blue Ink reviews and would certainly recommend your company to other authors.” — Aleksandra Layland, author of Far Haven Treasury: A Windflower Saga Collection


“I have a new book coming out late next month. I plan on sending it to BlueInk because you really get an honest appraisal from them that actually means something. While I feel they were too hard on the first review they gave me, I learned from my mistakes and had some of the best reviews of my career, overall, on my last book, To Never Know. While BlueInk critics can be critical, I never felt something they said was unwarranted. Can’t wait to see what BlueInk thinks of the next one.” — Thomas Duffy, author of The Separation


“I received a very intelligent and fair review of my novel, The Gold Hunter, from BlueInk Review and I just want to thank you. Not all reviews are created equal, or are as unbiased as yours. It means a great deal to me.” — Philip Atlas Clausen, author of The Gold Hunter


“Absolutely delighted with your Starred review! It is not only a nice recognition of the writing done in the last few years, but also serves as a nice boost of confidence as I embark on the creative process of writing my second novel. I cannot wait to see the review online and your star next to my title.” — Adriaan Verheul, author of A Clean Death


“Thank you for this incredible honor!  I have been very impressed with BlueInk Review. You were the first review site to return a review for I CAN HANDLE HIM. The review was beautifully written and thankfully for me, also a positive one. I also received positive reviews from other sites but one was written so poorly, I have never posted it in its entirety (I had to read it three times to understand what they were saying, and I wrote the book!) and another came back so late, I wasn’t able to use it for a book festival I was appearing at. I just wanted to share how much I appreciated the quality of writing and how quickly the review was returned.” —Debbie Lum, author of I Can Handle Him



“Thank you very much. I truly appreciate this. Your previous listing of Dancing With the Dead (in Booklist magazine),  resulted in over 125 paperback sales to libraries.” —Charles Freedom Long, author of Dancing With the Dead


“Thank you so much for this. I’m thrilled, of course. I love libraries so much and getting in touch with them through Booklist makes me feel like a kid again going excitedly into the Corinth Library near where I grew up grabbing the next stack of summer reading. Only now I’m being read.” — Michael Pronko, author of The Moving Blade


“Let me take this opportunity to express my admiration for the writer of my review. She brings a very great deal to the table, not least, intelligence, grace, eloquence. Please give her my highest regards…Thank you for keeping the standards of reviewing independent writers so high. I will showcase my BlueInk starred review with great pride.” —Jeri Parker, author of Unmoored


A great way for writers to get noticed in this noisy world, and for quality books to get ahead in a crowded marketplace. I was particularly impressed by the quick turnaround time and the well-written review. Highly recommended.” —Doug Greenall, author of Death of a Guru


“Whoever you are, wherever you are, please know this—I’m truly grateful for this review. Brilliant it is! Presently, we are pressing forward with two totally new editions, sourced directly from the original novel, Messages from Estillyen. This review is so incredibly helpful…” — William E. Jefferson, author of Messages from Estillyen


“For an indie author, investing in a professional review of their work is one of the most vital steps to take. BlueInk reviewers are truly interested in helping aspiring authors to succeed, and to this end, they give an honest and insightful review. Authors may not always like what the reviewer has to say, but they will always find the statements, whether critiquing or praising, to be positive and filled with the intent of helping the new author to be successful. They are truly a professional company and everyone involved exhibits a love of the written word. For them, it’s more than just about making money. And behind every success story is an author who believed that he or she was worth the endeavor.” —Tanja Kobasic, author of Angels in Stone


 “I am pleased to recommend BlueInk Review to authors interested in successfully promoting their book before a large audience of potential readers. BlueInk delivered on their promise of a professional, unbiased review that has added significantly to my presence on both Amazon. com and Barnes & Noble.”— Suzanne Handler, author of The Secrets They Kept: The True Story of a Mercy Killing that Shocked a Town and Shamed a Family


“As a first-time author, I really didn’t expect reviewers to give my novel, The Beach at Herculaneum, much attention. But when the BlueInk review came in, I was surprised and delighted to find that my book had actually been singled out for special recognition! The reviewers at BlueInk had taken the time to read the novel carefully, and their review was insightful and comprehensive. They didn’t just summarize the plot; they picked up on the themes and complex character issues. They were open-minded about the cross-genre elements and the unusual structure. To a beginner like me, facing the world of publication with both hope and trepidation, that kind of validation from professionals like the people at BlueInk meant the world!

And they didn’t stop there.  Not only did they feature my book on their website, they went on to recommend my work to others in the industry and even helped set up a book club interview! The personal attention and encouragement I received from BlueInk far exceeded my expectations and has given me the confidence I needed to keep believing in myself as a writer and keep pushing on toward my dreams.” — Susan G. Muth, author of The Beach at Herculaneum


 “Again, I can’t say how grateful I am to BlueInk for this review; it was a kickstart that opened the door for the novel and gave me confidence to move strongly ahead with promoting it. I’ll have more than one campaign starting up in August. A short quote from the review is on the back cover, and a longer quote is on the inside 1st page.” — Tony Taylor, author of Darkest Side of Saturn


 Your review has clearly solved a LOT of my publicity issues. Many thanks to BlueInk for this beautiful piece of writing.” — C.M. Shifflett, co-author of Conquering Concussion


Thank you very much for completing your review of my book in such a short time. I also thank the reviewer for their excellent work. I also ask that you DO NOT print my review on your website. It was never my intention to do so from the start. I just wanted a professional opinion of my work before deciding whether to continue to write. Family and friends never tell you anything other than what they think you want to hear. Again, thank you very much….” — Author’s name withheld for privacy reasons


“I want to thank the reviewer at BlueInk Review for the honest, constructive review of my first novel, Open Source…. I am sure this review will help me gain the all-important exposure I need as a first-time author, and it has already helped me in drafting the next manuscript. Thank you BlueInk!” —Matthew M. Frick, author of Open Source


 I have had an excellent experience with BlueInk Review. My review was finished ahead of schedule, allowing me to prepare for and lending credibility to my post-Christmas promotion (which was extremely successful, with thousands of copies of daynight downloaded; daynight topped the teen science-fiction chart on Amazon for the duration of the promotion and has continued to do well since). I’ve added credit to BlueInk in all my marketing and promotional materials, as well as my book cover and electronic book. I appreciate the professionalism of the review itself, which is not simply a rehashing of the story, but a well thought-out, critical review. Thank you for … BlueInk’s valuable service to indie authors.” —Megan Thomason, author of daynight


 “It is clear that the reviewers for Blueink love to read. Their reviews are sensitive, to the heart of the story and to the point. I have sold more novels and attracted more media attention since their review of my novel, Mississippi Flyway.” –Nel Rand, author of Mississippi Flyway and The Burning Jacket (2011 WILLA finalist award)


“Thank you for your Starred review of my novel, Carnival Queen, and for its inclusion in your list of highly recommended books. The BlueInk experience was by far the most rewarding in the entire publication process. Though not a single copy of the book has been sold, the review did attract the attention of a major movie producer, who after reviewing the book said that it was intriguing but unfortunately turned it down. Nonetheless, if I ever publish another novel – chances are I will, I am certain that  your review will assist in uncovering new opportunities. Again, thanks for giving me a much needed boost of confidence in the tedious jungle of self-publishing.” —Roland P. Joseph, author of Carnival Queen


“I am overwhelmed and terribly happy to have received your email. What a great review! Thank you so very much for helping me to reach readership. Althea Stewart and all her friends are returning in the second book of the series, Domestic Violins, and they thank you too.” —Cynthia Morrow, author of Unstrung


We are very pleased with the review we recently received for What You Don’t Know About Listening (Could Fill a Book). It’s not just that the review was well written and favorable. It was clear that the reviewer understood what we were trying to accomplish with our book. We are impressed with and grateful for that. Please convey our appreciation to the reviewer.” Jon White and Alexandra Taketa, authors of What You Don’t Know About Listening (Could Fill a Book)


Blueink reviewed my book, Deadly Pleasures, and I quote you often. “Sex and the City Meets James Patterson.” A 5 star review.  Thank you again.” — Mary Firmin, author of Deadly Pleasures


Endorsements from industry professionals


BlueInk works. How do I know? Because I’m intrigued by the story line of your Carlos the Impossible.  Is it bespoken by an agent? Can you send me a copy?” —Prominent NY literary agent, regarding our first BlueInk Best Book Award-winner


“Libraries are looking for ways to stay on top of today’s explosion of publishing. BlueInk Review, and their thorough, thoughtful, highly professional and credible examinations of self-published titles, helped me buy the best for our patrons.” – James LaRue, former director of Douglas County (CO) Libraries


“Do book reviews count? In a word: yes! Should an author and publisher feel caution when a book is submitted? Yes again. What separates BlueInk Review from other reviewers is the quality and integrity of its Founders and of the mission of the company. There’s no guarantee that the review will be stellar, nor should there be. There is, though, an implied guarantee that the review and the reviewer will treat the book and author with respect as the merits of the writing, story and information are presented. I’m delighted to refer Author U members and my Book Shepherd clients to them.” —Judith Briles, president of AuthorU.org and TheBookShepherd.com


BlueInk Review is helping the industry find the best self-published titles…” —Publishing Trends magazine


“BlueInk Review…will help self-published authors of worthwhile books get broader exposure to agents and traditional publishers, as well as other marketing venues…” — Huffington Post


It’s a brilliant idea in an era that’s embracing the explosion of e-books thanks to the Kindle, Nook, iPad and other tablets and e-readers.” —Media Stuff blog


 “…Booksellers will take their recommendations very seriously.”Margaret Maupin, former book buyer, Tattered Cover Book Store