Healthy Eating and Lifestyle

Sally Iyobebe

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Healthy Eating and Lifestyle, by Sally Iyobebe, is a mere 32 pages, but it’s a heartfelt effort to inspire readers to take charge of their health through good nutrition. Iyobebe is an ordained minister, and her book may appeal to Christians who can relate to the many biblical references she uses to communicate her beliefs.

Unfortunately, the author’s understanding of nutrition is limited, and while she makes many claims, there are no scientific references or documentation to support her work.

The first chapter defines nutrition and is, in essence, a basic, five-point list that explains its importance. Chapter Two is called “Types of Nutrients,” of which she lists five. The text devoted to vitamins and minerals is limited, and clearly, the book is an oversimplification of a large and complicated topic.

However, the author shows her strengths in Chapter Three, “What the Bible says about our body.” Those looking for the motivation to get in shape, lose weight or adopt healthy eating behaviors, will find it here. Iyobebe shares examples from the Bible that reinforce the premise that our bodies are temples, disease a curse, and that salvation is to decry sickness and embrace healing.

Chapter Five, devoted to fasting, is somewhat concerning. The author indicates that fasting is an “important part of the spiritual realm,” and notes that fasts can last anywhere from one day to one month, but doesn’t emphasize the dangers of such practice. Vitamin deficiencies, muscle breakdown and blood-sugar problems, along with general atrophy and a shortage of needed nutrients, can leave individuals in critical condition post-fast.

While her book misses the mark on too many levels to be a useful nutritional guide, Iyobebe offers excellent advice in the final pages: “Care for your inner environment by being aware of your participation in the outer environment, that place the sustenance comes from, and you will feel a deeper connection to yourself as a unique expression of the divine.”

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