Appreciate the Fog: Embrace Change with Power and Purpose

Stephen Harrison

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Stephen Harrison defines “fog” in his inspirational self-help book as “those times you are stuck, confused, bewildered, and uncertain about what to do or where to go, where your connection to your purpose, direction, and sense of being lacks clarity.” Harrison believes that people become paralyzed with fear at certain junctures in their lives but that there are ways to cope with this paralysis through such tried-and-true responses as getting in touch with your internal state, learning to love yourself, developing your personal power and allowing who you really are as a person to come to the fore.

Harrison, currently involved in life coaching and group facilitation in his native New Zealand, has experienced the fog of fear and anxiety in his own life and wrote this book around those episodes, including two failed marriages. His underlying anxiety stemmed from a fear of sexuality and intimacy. He reveals his struggles to achieve successful relationships with women, which gives the book a personal slant that is admirable but limiting because of his specific relationship issue. His willingness to write openly about his struggles makes his book more approachable than it might otherwise be but also somewhat off-putting. Not everyone looking for ways to overcome anxiety will connect with his particular problem.

Harrison also relates stories of others facing life crises and cites additional instances in his life when he was stuck and how he overcame those episodes. There is a riveting description of walking blindfolded on a beam 40 feet above the ground, and he even tried bungee jumping to work through his fears. He doesn’t necessarily recommend these methods to everyone, but he found them liberating and in line with his admonition to “Embrace your fears.” Too long and repetitious, the book nonetheless has a message of hope from an author writing out of his own hard-won experience.

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