Androgen Deficiency in the Adult Male: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment, 2nd Edition

Prof. Malcolm Carruthers

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While testosterone replacement therapy is well known for treating male sexual dysfunction, this well-organized and compelling academic book aims to validate the argument that it also is key to preventing debilitating aging disorders in men.

Highly credentialed professor Malcolm Carruthers, now retired from clinical practice, has studied androgen replacement therapy for 35 years, published 28 papers on the subject and authored 10 other books. He is convinced that androgen deficiency (AD)—or low testosterone levels—“silently and insidiously accelerates the aging process” in men’s hearts, bones and brains, leading to disease and dependency.

Because of “global graying” worldwide, Carruthers says that if older males go untreated, it could have an enormous negative social, economic and medical impact and lead to pricey long-term care costs. The solution, he says, is to do a more thorough job diagnosing AD and making testosterone replacement therapy easily available to men at a reasonable cost and through primary care doctors.

Carruthers’ crisply penned (and occasionally esoteric) book discussing evidence for broad use of androgen replacement therapy covers everything from diagnoses and causes of AD to convincing arguments for the safety of testosterone treatment against dogged resisters who fear such treatment could cause cardiovascular or prostate harm. The book is flush with study data culled from peer-reviewed, published papers as well as pertinent charts, illustrations, figures, tables and abstracts.

It also helpfully includes a sample symptoms questionnaire designed to pinpoint men with potential AD (rather than rely solely on blood test results), plus sample andropause clinic forms and even a how-to for testosterone pellet implantation.

In short, this academic work offers clear, informative explanations on a complex subject and is bound to draw interest from andrology specialists and general practitioners.

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