Your Power to Change

Kyle C. Becker

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Your Power to Change focuses on two urges that drive so many people to read self-help books: their desire to change the trajectory of their lives, coupled with the belief that they have the power to affect that change.

“Life doesn’t give us what we want. It gives us what we are,” writes Kyle C. Becker. With that opening salvo, Becker maps out a roadmap for self-discovery that begins with “deciding who you want to be and how you want to show up in life.” The goal is to gain the knowledge to design “an ideal self” and the confidence to make life-choices supporting this new self.

The author—a certified life coach and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) master practitioner—shares a wide range of philosophies, techniques and exercises designed to help readers gain the mindfulness to control self-defeating beliefs and habits. His techniques include those from NLP (which focus on the subjective experience of reality), the Law of Attraction “conscious creation,” and even ideas from Alcoholics Anonymous. “This book is the distillation of the wisdom I have found throughout the books, seminars, podcasts, meetings, personal experiences” and other people he’s encountered, he writes.

Readers who already use such techniques as setting intentions, meditation and visualization will feel validated that they are already on the right track. Others may initially feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of techniques he shares, but as the narrative unfolds, they will feel some sense of mastery over all of them.

Unlike some self-help authors, the author shares relatively little about his life. But what vulnerabilities and uncertainties he does share add gravity to his message. They also lend more credibility to his mission to help others commit to their journeys of self-discovery.

For readers willing to practice these techniques, Your Power to Change holds out the tantalizing prospect that these methods will spark real change in their lives.

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