You Can Be Rich Too

Philip U. Nkwocha

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To Philip Nkwocha true riches are “wealth, peace with God and man.” In this slim volume, the author debunks common thoughts that money is evil and a person can’t be rich and serve God. Using his own rags-to-riches story and Scriptural proofs, he offers a clear plan for gaining control of your finances. Warning: This is no “get-rich-quick” financial “diet.” Nkwocha admonishes that “riches will not come to you by mere wishes. You’ve got to work for this.”

Nkwocha, a Nigerian banker, teaches that many Christians suffer poverty because of wrong thinking, laziness in taking risks, and ignorance of God’s promises. He effectively uses Scripture to fortify his claim that “you can be rich too.” Arguing that the right mindset toward wealth is paramount to success, he highlights the wealthiest men in the Bible, such as Abraham, Job, and David, to expel the idea that God frowns upon the wealthy.

Likewise, Nkwocha’s fresh perspective on the Bible story of the beggar Lazarus illuminates the differences between healthy and unfruitful attitudes toward money, encouraging self-examination. His simple 10-step plan gives readers a tangible place to start, reinforces the importance of working toward multiple streams of income, and urges Christians that “the best of God belongs to those who serve and obey Him.”

A good editor would have polished the book’s grammatical imperfections; sentences are often missing “the” and “a,” which makes for a bumpy read, and a few typos linger. However, Nkwocha’s nationality bolsters his message to American audiences by reminding us midway through that he’s not just preaching to middle class America—his message is for the poorest of the poor in his own backyard, and he’s living proof that it works.

This book is an exceptional study on what God says about wealth, and offers more than its cover suggests. It is sound, grounded in Scripture and worth the time of anyone seeking God’s best for their finances.

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