You Are Today’s Women of the Bible and I Can Prove It: I am a Child of God, and I Am Woman

Darci Jeffries

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Retired registered nurse, public speaker, and Christian counselor Darci Jeffries believes that women today, regardless of age, education, financial status, or whatever means of measurement, have the same level of influence “as did the women of the Bible.” Jeffries combines the re-telling of accounts of biblical women, her own personal testimony, and a presentation of the Christian gospel to create an apologetic (her “proof”) for her book’s premise.

Rather than travel through the Bible in the order of its books, Jeffries groups her examples according to the type or role that the biblical women demonstrated. For example: “just” housewives/mothers (Eunice, Lois, Jochebed, Zipporah); women in men’s roles (Esther, Mary Magdalene, Tabitha); women who made poor decisions and suffered the consequences (Dinah, Michal, Vashi), and many other types.

These passages are interesting, and throughout, the author’s writing style is pleasant, conversational, and often humorous in tone. Unfortunately, the book is hampered by the repetitive mention of her experiences of ritual satanic abuse as a child, her own journey through Theophostic prayer ministry, and the counseling sessions she now offers to others. In addition, she includes a chapter titled “The Bible” and another section at the end titled “What is Salvation,” which contain good material but have no logical connection to the main premise.

In all, it seems she has three (short) books in one binding: The chapters related to the biblical women would make a great resource for a Bible study group; the information about her family’s involvement in the fraternal cult society might interest those who have had similar experiences or who counsel in those areas; and her evangelistic chapters present the gospel clearly. Unfortunately, she fails to weave these ideas together to form a cohesive whole.

Those who can overlook the lack of solid structure may find nuggets of interesting information here, but the jumbled mix of ideas will likely frustrate most.

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