You Are More Powerful Than You Think

Dr. Fred DiDomenico

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You Are More Powerful Than You Think is a compendium of ideas aimed at spiritual healing.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Fred DiDomenico uses spinal correction to help his patients live optimally with chronic pain and disability. As a spiritual seeker, he wants to help readers come into alignment with the unconditional love of the Universe in order to live their soul purpose with conviction.

Here, he explains his own six-point H.E.A.L.E.D system, a progressive program that uses meditation, affirmation and incantation, mindfulness, gratitude, visualization, and daily rituals to help seekers tune into and benefit from the God within themselves. According to DiDomenico and the many spiritual masters he quotes, listening to and working with God will banish fear and other emotional blocks that prevent individuals from realizing their potential for self-awareness, self-acceptance, loving kindness, and fulfillment.

DiDomenico has coined a catchy new acronym with H.E.A.L.E.D, which stands for: Honor God within yourself; Exercise Loving yourself and others; Accept and forgive yourself and others; Live in the now; Establish your purpose and mission; Deliver it to the world. Unfortunately, the author’s ideas are not new. He admits his ideas “revealed themselves to me in the writings and teachings of many significant authors, spiritual leaders, and coaches.” The value he touts of the Law of Attraction, deep breathing, and forgoing judgment, for example, are already widely accepted by millions, including followers of a wide variety of New Age leaders.

This portmanteau approach robs the book of clarity and focus; every New Age idea is packed in here randomly. And because his own career has broadened into business coaching, he includes a discussion of the qualities and advantages of successful leaders, even though the majority of the book is aimed at a non-professional audience.

As a result of such issues, the book lacks effectiveness. Readers seeking a guide to fulfillment and serenity will find more valuable titles by clearer writers and more original thinkers readily available.

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