You and Your Money

Henry E. Riggs

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Times change. Values change. Families are more mobile, and we’re often on our own when it comes to understanding money matters. Few multi-generation families pass down their learned wisdom about personal money management. So where does our money sense come from?

You and Your Money: Making Sense of Personal Finance is a comprehensive guide to financial management at all levels, from your first savings account to investments and estate planning later in life. Such advice is necessary in our modern world with its increasing demands; past generations, living in a simpler society, did not budget for today’s “essentials” such as wi-fi, cable television and expensive cell phone fees. These expenses can equal a monthly house payment in our grandparents’ time.

In You and Your Money, author Henry E. Riggs is like the uncle you would trust if you had to get advice on loans, a mortgage, or avoiding credit card abuse. Riggs is the author of seven books throughout his career as a CFO, a professor at Stanford, and holds leadership roles in banks and investment firms. His sound financial principles leap off the page when he explains such practical matters as paying off debt. “Only one ‘investment’ provides an assured return: pay down your outstanding debt! This investment earns a return equivalent to the future interest payments that you have avoided.”

Some details included, such as figuring out the book value of stock, might not be an everyday need, but Riggs’ confidence and common sense will improve your financial savvy as you plan for and manage a secure financial future.

You and Your Money provides a solid education in financial management, and is an excellent book for non-financial types who can learn to keep more of their own money through the information in these pages.

Also available in hardcover and ebook.

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