Ye Gods! How the World REALLY Works

Betsy Jo Miller

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In her book, Ye Gods! How the World REALLY Works, author Betsy Jo Miller offers a philosophy of the universe that is quite different from the one many others hold. In the world as Miller describes it, the “God energy” that shapes our universe does not exist entirely outside of human beings. Rather, human beings are conduits for this energy, and every human is responsible for bringing his or her bit of God-force to the world. The book’s title, therefore, is entirely literal. When Miller refers to “ye Gods,” she’s referring to us, and her book is “a book about our Godness.”

Miller understands that human beings are imperfect. The energy she writes about can be distorted as it moves through us; this is how strife, division, and violence come into the world. But the good news, as Miller sees it, is that once we understand our role as a channel of God-force, we can become clearer filters and begin “creating consciously rather than unconsciously,” thereby bringing about a better world.

Miller has learned these ideas from a spirit guide named Kaju, whose teachings she receives through a process of channeling. We also hear from Miller’s deceased son Kevin, who died in a car accident at age 16. The principal format of Miller’s book is a series of her own reflections or questions, followed by a response — primarily from Kaju and occasionally from Kevin.

For those who are inclined to this sort of book, the biggest stumbling block will be its discursiveness. Miller writes in a loose, conversational style, and she delivers the responses of her spirit guides in their own words. The resulting prose feels rangy and overly long. Further, the teachings of Kaju are fairly unsurprising: think positively, don’t be overly materialistic, act from love, for example. While this is always good advice, It’s unlikely that the audience for 400 pages of such lessons will be a large one.

Also available in hardcover.

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