Wives Who Have Affairs Book II

Chris Dawson

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Wives Who Have Affairs Book II is an erotic compilation of three very different short stories, all about women having sex outside of their marriage. One wife fulfills her fantasies of being with other men while on a business trip with her husband; another wife and willing submissive is dominated by men other than her husband; the third wife is encouraged by her husband to have sex with another man.

The stories are penned in a straightforward manner; they offer some background, but are primarily graphic and honest portrayals of sexual encounters. An abundance of physical detail, with very little emotional connection, contributes to a clinical, detached feel that lessens a bit in the third story, which has a slightly grittier tone.

The strength of the stories lies in their variation: a range of fantasies, many characters, and even a bit of kink. Each individual story is unique. The setting, characters, and encounters are varied and original, with the common thread of married women who enjoy sex outside of the marriage. The perspective of each couple is different as they handle the taboo topic of extramarital sex and how it affects the relationship and even their own sex lives within the marriage.

This book succeeds in providing stories that will appeal to a number of different reader fantasies, but it is most suited to those who prefer their erotica fast-paced, with multiple sexual encounters, a nearly impossible (and clearly fictional) number of orgasms, and with very little messy emotion between characters. As long as readers are comfortable with cheating, foul language, and BDSM themes, this is a suitable read and will appeal to anyone looking for something quick, hot, and dirty.

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