Winkiedough Twinkletoe

Wendy Buxton

Publisher: AuthorHouse Pages: 36 Price: (paperback) $20.99 ISBN: 9781468530506 Reviewed: August, 2012

This bright, boldly illustrated picture book is the perfect goodnight treat for a preschooler who is afraid of the dark.

Owen is a blond and bubbly toddler frightened of the dark. When his much-loved Mommy comes to tuck him in for the night, he wonders why nighttime can’t be the same as daytime. Mommy wishes him sweet dreams and tries to wrap things up with a hug and kiss. Owen begs her to turn the light on. Instead, she opens the window blinds and asks the little boy to pick out a star from the sky. When he does, the experience is just as magical as his Mommy promised.

Soon, a sweet, pudgy, little star falls from the sky to sit on Owen’s window ledge. The star introduces himself as Winkiedough Twinkletoe and asks Owen if he can be his favorite star. Owen happily agrees, and soon the star is doing magic tricks and basking Owen’s room with the bright, glowing starlight of friendship. Winkiedough explains to Owen that stars sleep during the day and watch over their best friends at night.

W.J. Buxton has written a warm story sure to calm jittery toddlers on their way to sleep. The text is appropriately simple and short, and the characters are universal. Who doesn’t want a magic star best friend to look over them? Joshua Allen fills his illustrations with small details that toddlers will have fun spotting — from the fire trucks on Owen’s pjs to the many colored trucks dotting Owen’s sheets. All in all, this is a thoughtful picture book perfect for bedtime.

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