When God Speaks: The Power of Numbers

Kynaston M. Ramsey

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Author Kynaston Ramsey has a degree in accounting and an MBA. He is a man who understands numbers. He is also a man of faith who is open to God’s supernatural guidance. In When God Speaks, he combines the two concepts, providing an interesting, if unusual, approach to finding God’s guidance in everyday numbers.

Ramsey writes that “In scripture, God speaks to us in two modes. He speaks to us primarily in the alpha mode—that’s how we read. But when He wants to place additional emphasis on what he says or does, He speaks or acts with the numeric code.”

Ramsey offers many examples of this in his own life. When he was ready to purchase a house, for example, Ramsey found God’s approval in the house number, 7312. He explains: “Seven is the perfect number … Add three and four, which equals seven; three multiplied by four equals twelve…Twelve points to our heavenly family and home. It is God’s kingdom number.” He then noticed a favorite song, Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross, was on page 312 in his hymnal. “The address was composed of three numbers 7-3-12, with 3 in the center, meaning that God is the center of our home and our lives.”

He also shows numeric significance in the sum of unexpected checks he received in times of financial need; the seat number on an airplane; and even the time of day. Chapters also address the principle of numeric code in the lives of others and in world events, such as 9/11.

When God Speaks stresses that numbers cannot manipulate God, but that God can and does use numbers to emphasize His will. Readers who wish to explore that concept will appreciate this book. Ramsey’s interpretation may sound far-fetched to some, but those who read with an open mind may find themselves seeing Godly significance in the numbers in their own lives.

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