What Makes People Tick and Why

Naomi Tickle

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Imagine if a flared eyebrow or pointed chin could tell you which careers best suit you, how to avoid fights with your partner and what makes your child happiest.

Naomi Tickle’s book does all that and more through a comprehensive examination of the 2,700-year-old Chinese art of physiognomy, or study of the face. Tickle, a certified career coach and leader of physiognomy workshops worldwide, has written a fascinating, entertaining and easy-to-follow guide to understanding people’s behaviors by analyzing everything from the slant of their forehead to the width of their lips.

Recognizing that readers may be skeptical of such a nebulous “science,” Tickle wisely begins the book with studies and other evidence that physiognomy is effective. Then, using drawings, photos and celebrity examples, she clearly and concisely explains how more than 50 different aspects of your face, hands and even legs reveal your personality.

For instance, if the inner corner of your left eye is higher than your right eye, you’re likely unconventional and judgmental. If your nose is bulbous, you’re inquisitive, and if your head is wider at the back than the front, you tend to be competitive.

Tickle puts each trait into context by detailing how it’s manifested in relationships, children, sales and careers. The result is a book that’s so informative and intriguing, even the most critical readers (outer corner of the eye is lower than the inner corner) will gain valuable insight into what makes them and others tick.

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