Well Child Care in Infancy

William B. Pittard, III, Editor

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When Medicaid-insured children receive more frequent well child care, not only does it increase their school readiness, it also leads to more cost-efficient health care. Until recently, little data existed to prove this. This informative and succinct book fills the gap by offering the documentation needed to increase awareness of this so as to encourage stronger policies for improved well child care.

While the importance of immunizations has long been known, equally critical are screenings in areas including vision, hearing and social and emotional development. This book, a collaboration of several child care specialists with many years of clinical experience, is designed to guide health care providers as well as health insurance, Medicaid policy makers and health administrators, toward better understanding the best methods for optimal well child care.

The book opens with a brief history of child health services beginning in 1912, up through the many changes in Medicaid and state entitlements. It also touches on the importance of continuity of care by trusted caregivers, then details recent findings regarding the clinical effectiveness of well child care visits and early immunizations. Finally, it discusses the government’s and private sector’s roles in encouraging well child care and the cost-effectiveness of doing so.

While academic in nature, this well-researched and professionally documented book is written in an easy-to-read, explanatory format. A table of contents, numerous clearly cited references and an index allow easy access to any information sought by health care professionals and/or policy makers deciding whether such care is a prudent investment for the future.

In short, Well Child Care in Infancy should be a welcome addition to the book shelves of all those seeking to improve child health either through professional hands-on efforts or through policy changes encouraging more preventive care for this population.

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