Web to Success: How to Become a Better You

Jo Bird

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In the introduction to Web to Success: How to Become a Better You, author Jo Bird admits that digging into one’s deeper self—psychologically, spiritually, emotionally—may sound like an odd undertaking for a technical businessperson. Nevertheless, the project manager and self-described “control freak” with a background in information technology and finance draws from her natural empathy and optimism to share what she’s learned about topics ranging from forgiveness and compassion to empathy and ego.

Using a spider’s web theme to connect her ideas, along with bulleted tips organized into three main chapters—“Self-awareness,” “Emotional awareness” and “Personal development”—Bird helps readers define their core values, communicate better, and find ways to be happier. The author is particularly adept at making points that ring true, points that will hit close to home for many. In discussing positivity, for example, she writes, “If we don’t like someone then even if they say something nice we will often hear it as negative. Guilty!” In another section, she notes, “We can do anything once we stop trying to do everything.”

Throughout the book, she gives us a peek at her own weaknesses, such as not exerting enough willpower at times, thinking the worst of someone else, and checking social media feeds too often. The information is delivered in a lighthearted manner that reflects the author’s sense of humor, lending spirit to an otherwise straightforward how-to approach.

Although the book could benefit from a careful edit to clean up occasional issues in sentence structure and punctuation, this book is a quick and easy read, with a logical progression and a solid motivational message. Reading Web to Success is a lot like listening to a wise, friendly teacher who wants nothing more than to steer us in the right direction and help us get back on track when we lose sight of our own sense of self-worth and joy.

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