Way to a Stranger’s Heart

Margy Millet

Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 165 Price: (paperback) $13.95 ISBN: 9781491771976 Reviewed: November, 2015 Author Website: Visit »

A charming erotic romance, Way to a Stranger’s Heart is a story of a love that must overcome nearly insurmountable obstacles in order to survive.

Working as an environmental researcher in the Australian Outback, Joanna and her fellow researchers are tracked down by Jason and his security team. The team is scouring remote villages for a missing flash drive, and someone on Joanna’s team has it.

Jason discovers Joanna as she bathes in a nearby river, but she hides her identity from him; he has no idea she is part of the research team. The couple has instant chemistry and they return to the river each evening for sizzling, erotic encounters. Although they have little knowledge of the other’s true identities, Jason and Joanna develop deep feelings for one another — feelings that only strengthen when circumstances bring Joanna to Jason’s ranch. But their secrets threaten to tear them apart.

The story moves quickly, and intriguing plot twists keep the narrative engaging as both Joanna’s and Jason’s secrets are revealed. Romantic, sensual sex scenes provide plenty of heat, and an engaging cast of secondary characters help to add depth. All of the major questions about the couple’s relationship are answered in time, but unfortunately there are still a few holes. For instance, it is never completely clear what Jason does for a living; the reader is left wondering if he is a businessman or working in security, or possibly something else. Although this has no real effect on the story’s outcome, a clearer picture of Jason’s life would make the book more complete.

As a whole, Way to a Stranger’s Heart is an exciting and sexy erotic romance, perfect for readers who enjoy a fast-paced story with a heart-warming conclusion.

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