Walking with Herb: A Spiritual Golfing Journey to the Masters

Joe S. Bullock

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“Hello, Joe. This is God! I have chosen you for a special mission. Please respond!”

Anyone receiving such a message on their computer screen would first consider who might pull such a practical joke and then wonder if they are going crazy. Sixty-three-year-old banker Joe Goodman undergoes that exact thought process. Then he really doubts his sanity when God tells him he will play in, and possibly win, the Masters Golf Tournament the following spring.

God sends Herb—a likeable older gentleman with tanned skin, piercing green eyes and an ever-present golf cap—to mentor and caddy for Joe. Joe then embarks on the ride of his life to ultimately deliver the message that through God, all things are possible.

Author Joe S. Bullock has delivered a charming book, both for those who love golf and those who appreciate a spiritual parable. God’s message of hope is demonstrated through normal people with common problems: health issues, business stresses, and more. When Joe shares his advice with a young man whose marriage is failing, for example, the young man is then able to restructure his days and priorities to save the union.

The character of Herb offers sensible advice on how to make the most of each day and work toward a goal. Meanwhile, Joe is relatable because he doesn’t stand out from the crowd any more than the rest of us, yet he is knowledgeable in his own niche of banking. Bullock builds suspense while demonstrating a vast knowledge of golf as Joe works his way up from casual golfer to participant in the invitation-only Masters Tournament.

Anyone who appreciates a practical demonstration of faith will come away from this endearing story reminded that God is approachable and willing to help with any of our problems.

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