Truth Seeker: Bible Topics

Warren M. Mueller

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With its dozens of books and thousands of verses, the Bible is big and can be intimidating. How can students find the specific insights and answers they seek?

Warren M. Mueller, a devoted Bible student and teacher, offers a path through the theological thicket by presenting summaries of key biblical insights on 39 topics, including angels, gambling, miracles, and heaven and hell.

Mueller is motivated by a passion to help people grasp and apply biblical wisdom in a culture that he says is drowning in moral relativism. “We have lost our way and are sinking fast!” he writes. He works to make biblical values easily accessible on practical topics (anxiety, marriage and divorce, sexual perversion, swearing and pornography) as well as theological and ecclesiological issues (baptism, communion, Sunday worship and the Trinity).

Overall, Mueller’s research is thorough, his writing is clear, and his interpretations typically fall well within the bounds of Protestant orthodoxy. (Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox believers won’t like his conclusion that their veneration of saints is based on “human logic and influence peddling.”) Relevant discussion questions help readers review each topic.

Better yet, Mueller seems content to follow the Bible wherever it leads him. For example, his discussion of “the feminine side of God” breaks ranks with those who understand God only as a “he.” “I believe that there are qualities and roles shown by God in the Bible that can be best described as feminine,” he writes.

One quibble readers may have with this book is that it neglects important biblical topics such as work and vocation, aging, death, creativity, conflict, debt, war, gratitude, rest, and family. Including these topics would make this helpful book even better, allowing readers to apply biblical principles to even more areas of their lives.

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