Time for Adventure

Barclay Cox

Publisher: Trafford Pages: 49 Price: (paperback) $10.16 ISBN: 9781466939479 Reviewed: September, 2012 Author Website: Visit »

In this slender science fiction story, ten-year-old Zy is curious about the unusual house that simply appears in his neighborhood one day when he returns home from school. Even more mysterious, it is making an odd humming sound that no one else seems to hear. He goes to investigate and finds a trapdoor in the yard. Fearing discovery, he hides inside, and when he emerges it’s into the distant future.

Zy meets Tiho, a boy his own age, and eagerly learns about life in the future. Tiho teaches him how to use a device that allows Zy to visit his own time without anyone being able to see him. Curious about what has been happening since he left, Zy goes home. He sees his distraught mother frantically trying to find him, watches his brother search for him, and ultimately rescues this older brother from a deep drainpipe. When Zy returns to his own time for good, he briefly questions the reality of what happened, but finally decides he had indeed traveled in time.

While the author provides some clever and imaginative glimpses of the future, the story and its characters are never fully developed and often feel summarized. Despite the extraordinary circumstances, there seems to be very little at stake, so there is no real narrative drive. In fact Zy is rather matter-of-fact about it all. And while the subject and the age of the protagonist would place this in a middle-grade category, the vocabulary and often complex sentence structure would disqualify it from that category. Thus, it will be difficult for this novel to find its appropriate audience.

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