The Wilderness Experience

Idris Kolade Oyinlade

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Author Idris Kolade Oyinlade, senior pastor of multi-national congregation RCGG City of David, Cambridge, brings a wealth of biblical and experiential knowledge to readers in his book, The Wilderness Experience.

The text is largely based on the Old Testament book of Exodus.  Oyinlade uses the main events of the Israelites 40 years of wandering the desert under the leadership of Moses as metaphors for the crucial period between salvation and the realization of an abundant life as a Christian. This crucial period is what he refers to as the “wilderness experience.”

In this period, he shows how God will prepare the believer for what is to come: his or her God-ordained destiny, so to speak. During this time, the believer will sacrifice, be tempted and tested, have to battle with sin and weakness, be confronted by God and, finally,  sanctified. There will be instruction and training, decision-making, time for worship, giving, and obedience.

Although this particular teaching isn’t something unique or novel in Christendom, Oyinlade handles it thoroughly and with respect for both the Scriptures and his audience. He also includes personal testimony and some clever reflections that make the teaching his own, such as: “Wilderness is a bus stop and not a bus terminal,” and “…Christianity is not about logic but about faith. If you have decided to be a Christian by being born again, welcome to the club of illogical thinkers.”

The Wilderness Experience would benefit from a more thorough copyedit to correct missing commas, run-on sentences and other technical issues. Nonetheless, it provides a useful read for Christians who feel “stuck” in their lives or who seem to be constantly repeating difficult lessons, making no progress toward success and joy. Most people can relate to the Israelites and their stubbornness, rebelliousness, and tendency to grumble about their circumstances. Here, Oyinlade offers hope, direction, and assurance that the abundant life is waiting.

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