The Way is Love

Errington D. Cumberbatch

Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 204 Price: (paperback) $13.99 ISBN: 9781491788851 Reviewed: June, 2016 Author Website: Visit »

Are you battling disease, addiction, or depression? Have you tried conquering your inner fears, but can’t shake feeling worthless? Errington Cumberbatch believes he has the answers you need to be healthy and whole. Based on the course “Walking in Wholeness” by Health to You Ministries, Cumberbatch’s book The Way is Love explains that biblical love and forgiveness are the keys to spiritual and physical health.

With the plethora of self-help books on the market, Cumberbatch feels that people have overlooked the one that works: the Bible. He weaves scripture with scientific research (most notably the findings of neuropsychologist Dr. Caroline Leaf) to show how our thought lives are making us sick. “Most diseases are the result of sin,” he states, and “our own words can change our immune systems for better or worse.”

In easily accessible prose, he teaches how to align our thinking with godly love and forgiveness to eradicate toxic thoughts like envy, self-hate, rejection and bitterness. Writing in a way that fosters self-examination, he provides simple prayers to help readers change the way they view themselves and others.

Throughout, Cumberbatch offers examples from his pastoral counseling, including one woman who discovered her alcoholism was caused by an unloving spirit that entered her life through jealousy as a child. By recognizing the root of jealousy and separating herself from it, the woman defeated alcoholism.

The author’s book is written from a conservative Christian point of view (with passages noting, for example, that “marriage involves a man and a woman,” and that a woman should be submissive to her husband). Those who don’t already ascribe to the author’s point of view may find themselves put off by such assumptions. Additionally, at times Cumberbatch takes too much license paraphrasing Scriptures without references.

For those who share Cumberbatch’s beliefs, however, the author gives concrete tools for spiritual and physical healing that will inspire and motivate readers seeking complete health in spirit, mind and body.

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