The Tuck-In (A Child’s Event)

Karen J. Cheever; illustrated by Avery Liell-Kok

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The Tuck-In (A Child’s Event) introduces a new tool to help make bedtime a breeze. Packaged as a two-in-one – both picture book for children and how-to guide for caregivers – it is an innovative idea inspired by a variety of healing arts and traditions.

The Tuck-In ritual as illustrated by the picture book and outlined in the parent’s guide at the back of the slim volume, is comprised of up to nine steps for parents and children to explore together. They are:

  • “Fluffing and Wrapping,” or the preparing of the pillow
  • “Wiping Away the Worries” with a special feather
  • Reciting the “I-Am’s”: for example, “I am beautiful”
  • “Locking the Ears with the Key,” which helps the child focus only on the sounds of the “Tuck-In”
  • “The Takeouts With the Fuzzy Gloves,” a sort of relaxing massage
  • “The Drum,” a Native American-inspired way to sync the beating of hearts
  • “The Sleep Stone,” which lightens the weight of the day and invites sleep
  • “The EggHead,” a special head massage that imitates the feel of an egg cracking over the child’s head
  • “The Goodnight”

When practiced regularly, Cheever promises “The Tuck-In” will replace bedtime drama with a relaxing ritual most children will eagerly anticipate, even kids who make bedtime a battle. The book ends with an invitation to visit for additional products and tips.

Any tool that invites end-of-day peacefulness will be welcomed by most parents, though this lengthy process may seem daunting to some. (The author notes that “the more you do it, the shorter it will become.”) Unfortunately, the choice of a pink pallet, the profusion of hearts in the design and a main character named Savannah will limit the book’s appeal to girls: one wishes the author and illustrator had found creative ways to ensure their project was gender neutral. Nonetheless, those with children who simply won’t go to sleep just may find the relief they are seeking in the pages of The Tuck-In.

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