The Tantra Connection

Monika Müller

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When most people hear the word “tantra,” sex is usually the first thing that comes to mind. But that’s far from the whole meaning. Literally, this Sanskrit word refers to non-duality, or oneness through the union of all opposites. It’s believed that following tantric teachings can lead to physical and emotional health, a deep meditation practice, and ultimately to Samadhi, or Enlightenment. Readers of Monika Muller’s comprehensive text The Tantra Connection will learn all this — and plenty more.

Over two decades ago, Muller, who is originally German, spent almost a year in solitude in the South American jungle, where she healed herself of a serious intestinal illness. From this first-hand experience, along with an impressive collection of ancient tantric teachings, Muller has developed a technique to achieve emotional and physical health. The secret? Experiencing kundalini: the essential force in the human organism that releases powerful, life-affirming, and consciousness-expanding energy. It’s a tall order but Muller guides readers there with confidence, clarity and impressive cohesiveness.

Although there are many books available on tantric techniques, Muller’s is a stand-out not only for its scope — covering everything from the “Intake of Food,” “Mental Energetic and Physical Cleansing,” and “Giving Oneself Inner Peace” to “Traditions of Oral Stimulation,” “Conscious Touch,” and “Prolonging Male Orgasm” — but the author also manages to build one block of knowledge upon another until the reader is brought to what Muller calls “Tantric High Union.”

As might be suspected, this isn’t an easy romp. Although Muller’s writing is skillful, the material is inherently dense. Readers will need to devote serious concentration and time in order to comprehend and then enact the practice. But if Muller’s own experience and the extent of her knowledge is any testament to the power of tantric transformation, then the sky and beyond the cosmos may be the only limit.

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