The Story Behind the Accelerating Life Series

Youth the Writer

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The author of this seven-book series is a former equity fund manager who, after being hospitalized for severe headaches, experienced a series of unforgettable dreams.

In his ultra-slim books (ranging in length of text from 58 pages to 30) written under the pseudonym “Youth the Writer,” he explores the information culled from these dreams, employing the classic form of philosophical dialogue, a la Plato, Socrates and Aristotle, between an omnipotent Professor, and Ace, his aptly-named eager student. Occasionally, the writer (“Youth”) makes comments, as well.

The basic set up is this: The Professor lives in the year 22025. This is apparently an advanced age in which humans rely on science and knowledge versus the religious dogma that has predominated in earlier years. His student, Ace, lives in the year 2010 (or 2011 or 2012; the date changes from book to book) of “the accelerating life.” The author explains this “life” in a baffling way: “It is like a dream for the real mind…the participant in the accelerating life can experience between sixty-eight and eighty-eight lives with an average age of sixty-five years if the success rate is high.” As the books progress, readers will glean that the “accelerating life” is a sort of time warp in which knowledge is quickly acquired, as if the past can be downloaded and fast-forwarded in a person’s mind. The ultimate plane of existence is the “real life,” which is defined at one point as “a paradise.”

As Ace asks questions, the Professor (who claims to be “the accumulation of billions of the brightest minds that lived before”) shares his knowledge. Among the simpler “truths” the Professor communicates is: “Let love be your guide and don’t let greed invade your life,” and “We are who we are now because of our previous actions regardless of their nature.”

But unfortunately, such moments of clarity are rare. Many of the Professor’s teachings are so esoteric as to be impossible to understand. Consider this: “The mind of the participants in the accelerating life is like a program ready to be written. We write the software program rules and instruction in very long detail that can function well against the many different inputs so the program can carry on by itself and decide on every needed action in the future.” Or when Ace asks, “What is life?,” the Professor answers: “The life you know and experience right now is a state of dream generated by powerful computers that you have never experienced alike in life.”

As these examples indicate, the teachings are frustratingly obtuse, despite the author’s obvious earnestness in conveying them. In addition, they are generally disorganized, and plagued by grammatical errors. (Just to add to the confusion, at one point, the author notes that the grammar mistakes have been made on purpose: “They simply give more reason why these books should not be bought by the new participants in the accelerating life.”) Frequently, tenses go from past to present, making it difficult to know whether answers are offered from the year 22025 or in the here and now. Also, there’s a fine line between science fiction and philosophy; this line completely disappears in this narrative.

While each book’s title seems to indicate distinct themes, the baffling nature of the writing makes it difficult to summarize them. Below is a loose synopsis touching on some of the information in each book:

The Story Behind the Accelerating Life isbn: 978-1-4568-5772-1: In this book, Ace poses the question: “what is life?” The Professor talks about the nature of life, noting that early humans “were not so bright…The first lie was created, and it was God, an answer for any question that the elders don’t have.” He says that religion is now a thing of the past and discusses the kind of knowledge those who graduate from his teachings will eventually understand.

The Story Behind the Current Revolutions isbn: 978-1-4568-5682-3: At the outset, Ace tells the Professor that “many horrible things have happened” since the completion of the first book. This volume talks about earthquakes, tsunamis and other disasters, as well as Third World revolutions, both peaceful and bloody, which seem to have a relation to greed within religious organizations. The book ends with Ace pronouncing his own misery and Youth offering to bring in a priest who is an expert in exorcism to help him.

The Story Behind Our Behavior isbn: 978-1-4628-8512-1: This volume begins by declaring that God is a figment of “primitive peoples’ minds,” created to “intimidate their children, sometimes to intimidate the society at large, and sometimes to keep the wicked happy.” It announces that “we must shed light on peoples’ behaviour [sic] and what makes society the way it is now in the accelerating life…” Subjects touched upon include: why people commit suicide; the dangers of dogmatic religious ideology; the advantages of a healthy diet, exercise and relying on science and knowledge.

The Story Behind Life System isbn: 978-1-4653-9430-9: This book touches on gender differences between men and women, lesbians, bisexuals and so on; God and the devil; and the nature of the “accelerating life.” “The accelerating life is like a theatre drama,” the author writes, in one puzzling passage. “The heroes of the show are the three musketeers: the wise, the wicked, and the ignorant.” The book ends with the Professor promising to answer more questions in the books that follow and exhorts students to “Learn as much as you can before leaving the accelerating life.”

Inventions Deception: The Hidden Affair Behind Religious Miracles isbn: 978-1-4691-7788-5: This volume begins by discussing the way early inventions were used by the “temple masters” to enrich themselves. It touches on the idea that demons were invented to scare people into obedience to God and talks about the history of competing political parties and their manipulation of uneducated people.

Progress and Wars: The Bloody History That Made Us Who We Are in Year 22025 isbn: 978-1-4691-4027-8: Ostensibly focusing on “how we became who we are now in year 22025,” this volume has the Professor talking about how early wars led to the death of religious fundamentalists and to educated people rejecting “religion political parties.” It goes on to discuss the origins of WWIII, in which Third World countries were manipulated by Western powers looking to secure resources and from which a “bloody Dark Age” emerged; and the emergence of a peaceful society due to accumulated knowledge.

The Story Behind Life Unveiled isbn: 9781465397942: This book looks at life after death as a way that people transition from the “accelerating life” to the “real life”; it reveals new information about Ace and wraps up by noting that the series is “full of tricks and dual meanings,” but “Everything in those books is meant to be in them.”

Ultiimately, trying to absorb the information in this series is a frustrating experience. Readers will find bits and pieces of intriguing ideas, but without a coherent narrative to glue these pieces together, they will be left wondering: “What’s real?” Ironically, that’s just the sort of question the series seems to set out to answer.

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