The Self-Empowerment Journal: For Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity

Karamokoh B. Wurie

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Author Karamokoh Wurie addresses the quest for empowerment that could lead to prosperity in The Self-Empowerment Journal: For Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity.

This book is partly a collection of self-help affirmations and partly journaling recommendations, rounded out with a dose of autobiography. The author refers to the reader as “Elite” and indicates that readers should refer to themselves thusly as well. This is typical of his approach, which revolves largely around positive thinking and visualization. He also offers journaling exercises and other activities, such as writing positive thoughts on Post-It notes to stick on the bathroom mirror. The book’s final third is devoted to building a successful business.

Wurie writes in a sincere tone, and his earnest words of encouragement never waver. However, the book has numerous problems. First, the author begins by sharing the epiphany that led to the development of his theory, yet fails to give examples of his own success or that of others. In fact, the book offers few personal anecdotes throughout.

Also, Wurie serves up mostly platitudes available in myriad books, such as: “Be appreciative of things you already have by taking good care of them”; “Start focusing your thoughts only on the things that you want”; and “Close your eyes and repeat these phrases in your mind: I am powerful! I have an abundance! I am wealthy! I feel great! I look great!”

Finally, the advice in the business-planning chapter seems superficial, giving readers the impression that developing a multi-million-dollar business can be mastered in reading less than 30 pages, negating the enormous amount of time, effort, initial investment and potential roadblocks that occur in the real world.

Readers may stumble over occasional grammatical dissonance, but the writing style itself is accessible. And for all its flaws, the book may help readers get started on an initial self-improvement plan and journaling system. In this way, it could serve as a springboard to another, more robust self-help strategy.

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