The Secret Life of Lotus

Terri Yogi

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The Secret Life of Lotus is a love story that spans decades and continents.

As the story begins, readers are introduced to a young Tara as she lands for the first time in Hawaii, having just been ripped away from Tiger, her new husband and the love of her life. She is devastated, frightened, and three months pregnant. Thankfully, she has the company and protection of her friend Ikaika, as well as his father David. Ikaika knows nothing of Tara’s identity, but David is close with her family back home. At first, the author reveals little about Tara’s true identity or the threat that forces her to flee to Hawaii. Rather, secrets and answers are exposed slowly as the plot progresses, keeping readers engaged.

The author slowly reveals the story of Tara’s past and the family conflict that sent her to Hawaii. Her love for her husband is undeniable, but they struggle with distance. He visits only a few times over the years, fathering five children through his visits. Ikaika is always in her life as friend, surrogate husband and father, and even fathers one of her children, for a total of six.

Eighteen years after she arrives in Hawaii, the dangerous family conflict comes to a head. In an exciting twist, Tara must eliminate the threat and save the lives of her family and friends.

Overall, this sweeping story is compelling and interesting. Unfortunately, though, the writing sometimes feels stiff and mechanical. Rather than showing how the characters feel in a way that engages readers, the author often uses flat phrases such as, “he was sad” and “ they were happy.” As a result, it’s difficult to connect with what these characters are feeling in a way that resonates.

Still, the author delivers a story of love, family, and friendship that has many positives. It will appeal to fans of romantic family sagas and those who appreciate an element of suspense.

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