The River of His Love

Ngozi C. Anazonwu (Ossai)

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The River of His Love: Inspired Writings is Volume II in the “Wisdom Series,” by Ngozi C. Anazonwu (Ossai), an evangelist, professional banker, singer, intercessor, and founder of God’s Purpose Ministries.

In two introductory chapters, Anazonwu shares the vision that marked a new beginning in her spiritual life and her writing. Each of the 31 primary chapters that follow begins with a poetic affirmation or prayer-like “inspired writing,” followed by supporting Scriptures. In the chapter, “Fear is Not of God,” for example, the inspired entry begins: “I am not afraid for fear is not of God/I will believe the Word of God that says/’Fear not for I am with you”/I will speak the Word of God and not be afraid/I will feed on the Word of God that dispels every fear/ For fear is not of God!” Supporting Scriptures for this chapter are from Isaiah, 2 Timothy, and Nahum. A concluding chapter and an appendix expound on Anazonwu’s faith and challenge the reader to accept Jesus and take the message of the Gospel to the world.

The book’s content is inspiring and doctrinally sound, but the many punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors detract from its overall presentation. The copyright page states that all Scripture is taken from the New King James Version, unless otherwise noted, yet many passages in the text are from the original King James Version, but no Scriptures are “marked otherwise.” And, although accurate in meaning, the Scripture passages often are not exact quotes from either of these two versions.

Anazonwu’s biblically grounded, inspired writings call for reflection and introspection. The book could be read straight through or one chapter at a time over a month. Despite its mechanical flaws, The River of His Love might be used for personal devotions.

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