The Proactive Health Solution: Discover Your Path Toward Optimal Health

Nadia Yacoub Cavallini

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The Proactive Health Solution is a comprehensive motivational guide to help readers achieve a healthier mental, physical and spiritual life.

Long-time personal trainer Nadia Yacoub Cavallini, who specializes in nutrition, weight loss and strength training, has created a system based on her expertise and client experience. Her book focuses on five overlapping building blocks: program design and discipline (good nutrition, physical activity and stress management), motivation, self- and lifestyle-management. While her clearly written text has a Christian slant—Cavallini frequently includes Biblical references—she also motivates readers with quotes from Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, Michael Jordan and others.

The author’s good intent shines though as she describes medical studies and shares helpful client anecdotes to illustrate how her Proactive Health Solution (PHS) principles can help overcome poor health. For example, a client married to a chef found herself rapidly gaining weight until she decided to better manage her lifestyle by setting food boundaries. Another client suffering from depression and a cancer diagnosis improved her health by applying PHS principles of good nutrition and stress control. Cavallini’s section on physical exercise is especially useful and includes photos demonstrating activities from planks to dumbbell curls.

The author also provides a solid, well-documented overview on what’s wrong with the U.S. healthcare system—although her many statistics, quotes and studies can make for dense reading (e.g., this quote from motivational writer Stephen Covey: “Proactive people are still influenced by external stimuli, whether physical, social or psychological but their response to the stimuli conscious or unconscious is a value-based choice or response”).

Filled with detailed information, this book is not for those looking for a quick fix for health-related issues. But those serious about improving their health—and willing to make fundamental changes—will find The Proactive Health Solution a useful motivational blueprint and helpful adjutant to other books promoting healthy self-management for a better life.

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