The Principles of Business

Dave DeRose

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In 1988, Dave DeRose became a risk-taker and entrepreneur when he went into the HVAC/plumbing field, purchasing the customers from a friend. Three decades later, DeRose offers this short book of advice for the novice businessperson.

Writing in a casual, conversational manner, free of MBA jargon, DeRose covers essential business topics, including leadership, capitalizing a business, building your team, negotiation, customer service, community involvement, and other subjects. Rich in anecdotes, some of DeRose’s advice is specific to his industry or related businesses; for example, he addresses bidding on construction projects. But much of it applies to any small businessperson, such as his chapter on learning and following the “desires of your heart.”

Among his bits of wisdom, DeRose emphasizes having a good tax accountant and mentors (and, by extension, mentoring others). He urges readers to value their own worth during negotiations and warns entrepreneurs never to finance their businesses by mortgaging their primary residences.

The narrative tone is amiable, like a favorite uncle holding forth on his life and experience. The text also has a Christian orientation, as in: “God really will grant good things to those who wait…” or, “You should put your business third in line behind God and family…” But its religiosity never becomes preachy or overbearing.

The title is slightly misleading, as this book’s principles apply mostly to small businesses. None of the advice DeRose dispenses is earthshattering or original, but it is humane and clearly expressed.

A recent survey found that the top ten percent of earners in the U.S. made their money from a business, a farm or from self-employment income. Anyone who wants to join this group and own a business, especially those in construction or related trades, will benefit from DeRose’s easy-to-read book of homespun wisdom.

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