The Power of You: Earn $50,000 Per Year From Home

Diana Mill

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When someone tells you they are a stay-at-home parent, do you recognize the value of their work? Diana Mill is fed up with the lack of respect for stay-at-home moms and dads and the way society devalues their work. The Power of You, compiles her years of research and firsthand experience to show how stay-at-home partners can earn $50,000 a year by working smarter, not harder, making the most of their time, and saving money doing “unpaid jobs.” How’s that for value?

Mill writes like a money-savvy neighbor with a deliciously sarcastic sense of humor. She provides a plethora of ideas for reducing expenditures in the home and encourages readers to educate themselves to tackle projects such as making their own clothes, beer and wine, growing and preserving food, and shopping for bargains. She clearly contrasts the benefits of working a low-paying job to staying at home, revealing how the latter can actually save a family thousands of dollars. And, as Mill states, “is not a dollar saved equal to a dollar twenty cents earned?”

While her ideas are well worth considering, the book presents some challenges. Because she hails from New Zealand, some of Mill’s terminology (“crèches,” “flat hobs,” “cladding,” etc.), as well as her tax and investment advice may be lost on American readers. Sadly, the book lacks proper punctuation and grammar, and when sources are cited, the author’s odd use of quotation marks makes it hard to differentiate the book title from the text. Also, some information and sections, such as “Gardening” and “Stain Removal,” seem to deviate from her main focus.

Despite such issues, Mill—who admits she was once tempted to tell her peers she’s a “brain dead moron” rather than confess she’s a housewife —succeeds in showing the true value behind the daily work of stay-at-home partners. “Home executives” will find inspiration here and appreciate her attempt to raise awareness of the hard work they provide.

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