The New Age Chameleon: A Concise Manual of the New Age Beliefs and Practices Compared with God’s Holy Word

Alex Mall

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Author Alex Mall is a Canadian pastor with degrees in theology and divinity. His book, The New Age Chameleon, discusses the definition of “New Age,” as well as its origins, beliefs, and geographic areas of activity, with one aim: “to train Christian believers to recognize the dangerous teachings of the New Age to help them be aware of the New Age presence in churches…”

Mall defines New Age philosophy as “a system that is characterized by spiritual illusion and delusion,” that is “basically Satan controlled,” and that “promises immortality through incarnation, power, pleasure, success, and personal godhood.” He uses a systematic format to compare New Age claims and Christian beliefs about God, Satan, salvation, ethics, and more.

For example, under the topic, “Jesus,” Mall writes: “New Age Claim number 4: Jesus desires humans to become his coequal.” This is contrasted with the biblical argument on the same topic: “According to the Bible, any created being cannot become equal to the Creator. To be equal to the Creator, we must have the same nature, essence, and substance with Him. . . .” Mall cites references for each claim.

Despite this critical appraisal of New Age beliefs, Mall advocates Christian love toward New Agers. He discusses the Church’s responsibility toward such believers (to pray fervently “for the deliverance of those involved in the New Age practices” and be “merciful to those involved in the New Age”) and provides information for those wishing to accept Jesus as Savior.

This book is obviously not targeted to New Age readers, who are likely to feel offended by the views it presents (though New Agers curious about the biblical perspective of their belief system will find it informative). Christian and clergy readers, on the other hand, will appreciate Mall’s thorough look at the subject and the way the author consistently documents his claims with endnotes and bibliography. Such faith-based readers will find this a useful resource for their libraries.

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