The Lost Summer

Ernie Moulton

Publisher: The Regency Publishers Pages: 346 Price: (paperback) ISBN: 9781957724836 Reviewed: May, 2022

The Lost Summer is Ernie Moulton’s latest novel in his fantasy/action adventure series about George “Mista” Mictackic, his wife Sharra and their five talented daughters: Samantha, Robin, Crystal, Candy and Janice.

Mista and his family are mostly enjoying their summer, until his wife is kidnapped and he and his daughters undergo a series of attacks and an accident that almost kills them. Then two daughters are also kidnapped. Shadowy characters—Peter and Randy Mooney—seem to be at the heart of these attacks, but suspects might possibly include a corrupt sheriff and a man who wants to use Sharra’s special powers of extra-sensory perception (including a strong sense of telepathy) as his own.

While the action is nonstop, the story suffers from several flaws. Flashbacks offer insufficient information, often leaving readers puzzled. For example, when Sharra is talking with her therapist, readers learn that Mista and she had other children who died, but their names and the exact circumstances of their deaths aren’t described.

More troubling is the sexually charged dialogue surrounding Mista and his daughters. For instance, when Mista and his daughters are injured in a car accident, his daughter Candy, admitted to the hospital, complains about a male nurse. “I don’t like the way he looks at me,” she says. Mista suggests that she is seducing him, and then adds, “Hmm. It’s all right for men patients to ogle the pretty nurses, but not all right for the men nurses to ogle the pretty patients?”

Later, when the family is on an airplane, daughter Robin says to Mista, “Can I sit in your lap, Daddy?” He replies: “I’m not sure this airline allows it. And your mother might get jealous.” Many readers will find this off-putting, as this disturbing dialogue hints that the main character might be sexually attracted to his daughters.

Overall, the story isn’t likely to satisfy fantasy or action adventure readers and requires revision to address the issues mentioned.