The Leadership Drought: When the Thirsty Are Led by the Delirious

Jody Bicking and Kevin McKenzie

Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 154 Price: (paperback) $14.99 ISBN: 9781532027956 Reviewed: March, 2018 Author Website: Visit »

“The choice to pursue leadership,” note the co-authors of The Leadership Drought, “has become more about the pathway to success, wealth, and power rather than a calling.” Ends justify the means, the authors posit, and winning is the justification for questionable practices daily.

To help people who hunger to acquire true leadership skills, the authors – each with significant experience serving as leaders and consultants – share how leadership philosophies have evolved over the past century or so. They also offer up six core principles for readers to follow, and then share insights about two good forms of conflict (and one bad!). Finally, they share techniques for people to improve their listening skills as well as to keep their leadership development momentum going.

This book is exceptionally well organized, clearly written and full of real-life examples gleaned from the worlds of business, politics, the military and sports, including both historical and contemporary examples.

Chapters end with helpful exercises for reflection and learning, and graphs illustrate leadership philosophies, with charts scattered through the chapters and included in appendices. Numerous resources are shared, both in the text and reference section.

The authors state that this book is not intended for the senior executive or CEO who already knows everything about leadership and is “quite sated with ‘success.’” Instead, it’s for leaders “who have tried and toiled under the example of those who already know everything.”

Although this comment is presented tongue-in-cheek, the underlying point is valid: This would be an excellent book for aspiring and in-development leaders who have an open mind and a genuine desire to become true leaders. People who commit to the principles and programs outlined here will surely benefit from their applications, as will those who are fortunate enough to have those individuals as their leaders.

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