The Infallible Way

Jule Gaige

Publisher: Okir Publishing Pages: 161 Price: (paperback) $9.99 ISBN: 9781642710038 Reviewed: March, 2018

In Jule Gaige’s self-help book The Infallible Way: Guide for Transforming Fear to Love, the author lays out a philosophy to turn failure to success and illness to health.

According to Gaige, the ultimate nature of our existence is a kind of pantheism where everything (including us) is an aspect of God. Our resistance to this Truth causes “breaks” of mind, leading to negative outcomes. Recognizing that Truth (a.k.a. “The Infallible Way”) enables us to overcome any obstacle and realize our full potential.

While an interesting concept, Gaige’s writing is cluttered with convoluted syntax and odd structural choices. Most chapters are arranged like an advice column, with an “issue” posed by an imaginary reader, followed by the author’s response (for example, “I continue to search and search for what it is I am to do in this life. I want to find what is missing.”)  Regardless of the diversity of the topics (grief, health, romance), the solution is always a variation of the same theme: Repair “breaks” of mind, embrace our divine natures, and express the love that comes from knowing that we are all God.

Like the film/book The Secret, this volume conveys a metaphysics for attaining spiritual/material benefits. Both also espouse positive thinking and make fantastic claims that may energize believers while failing to impress skeptics. (Gaige implies that the AIDS epidemic is exacerbated by “breaks caused by mind,” while also suggesting the symptoms of other illnesses from influenza to MS can be eradicated through his Infallible Way.) But in contrast to The Secret, which suggests a (frequently criticized) scientific basis, The Infallible Way actually provides little more than the author’s assurance that its central metaphysical principle (pantheism) is correct.

While The Infallible Way may, for some, align with their personal beliefs, it will do little to convince others. In the end, Gaige’s work is too unpolished to distinguish itself in the field of New Age, metaphysical self-help books.

Also available as an ebook.