The Hill of Affluence

T.C. Tilden-Smith

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T.C Tilden-Smith draws on his experience as an investor and entrepreneur, sharing the wisdom of an investing life in his personal guide to becoming wealthy, The Hill of Affluence.

Tilden-Smith writes in a conversational style that’s fun to read, and he spends the first 35 pages of the book giving a brief overview of politics and economics, explaining the frameworks within which investors must operate. His discussion includes a look at Constitutional Monarchies, Democratic Republics, The European Union, and Communist regimes and dictatorships and blends history with definitions, personal anecdotes and, eventually, investment options such as starting or purchasing a business and investing in stocks and bonds.

Tilden-Smith splits his time between living in Guernsey and Florida, and he does a skilled job of addressing both American and U.K. audiences, though the emphasis is tilted a bit more in favor of European investments.

The difficulty comes in striking the right balance between detail and simplicity, and although it’s mostly managed capably, the book does stumble at times. For example, along with offering photocopied charts of the very detailed UK Gilt list and Sterling Bond list, Tilden-Smith gives a short overview of these topics, but it’s a can of worms that, once opened, can’t quite be fully explained at the brisk pace he’s established.

For the average would-be investor, The Hill of Affluence won’t take the place of a class on Finance 101, and experienced investors may not need the definitions and how-to advice that is offered in the book’s latter half. But Tilden-Smith is engaging enough that veteran investors should enjoy his take on world economics and his personal stories of success – while neophytes will find inspiration and some information to get them started.

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