The Happiest Woman

Edmund Raynor

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Author Edmund Raynor wants to tell men how to earn the trust of their wives and how to love and be loved by them, including sexually. The payoff: the man with a happy wife has a happier life himself. Raynor believes he can offer advice because as an airline pilot for many years, he talked to numerous women about their relationships.

His short, chatty chapters, only roughly organized by topic, contain much background pep-talk but also some excellent recommendations. For example: always listen carefully to your wife, spend time with her, and learn how to make her laugh; do everything you can to never, ever disappoint her; find out what turns her on sexually by asking her to masturbate in front of you, and then imitate her techniques; learn more about what women like by reading about how women make love to
other women; and don’t have children if you aren’t prepared to commit to them and to your wife.

With more dubious credibility, he describes extended orgasms as if all women could have or would want to have them, and he claims women have a pleasure-sensitive spot in the back of the throat that can be stimulated by performing fellatio. Also it’s simply not true that simultaneous orgasm is necessary for a “successful experience.” Moreover, he suggests fellatio while the man drives, which is never safe. Finally, Raynor does not provide enough details for many of his points or any reference sources.

Raynor’s charmingly written buddy approach may help some readers understand their mates. But for male-targeted how-tos about female sexuality, Ian Kerner’s She Comes First and Lou Paget’s How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure are still the go-to titles.

BlueInk Heads-Up: Raynor devotes a chapter to the Christian concept of grace, reporting that it can help men and women let go of past guilts, and a chapter about asking God to make you want whatever He wants for your life. Thus, this book could be of interest to Christian readers.

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