The Five Types of Women to Avoid in the Hood

Mcgregor Philippe

Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 150 Price: (paperback) $13.99 ISBN: 9781532092817 Reviewed: July, 2020 Author Website: Visit »

Books that offer dating advice tend to emphasize looking for your ideal mate, but what about avoiding potential nightmares? In The Five Types of Women to Avoid in the Hood, McGregor Philippe offers a field guide, of sorts, to five types of black women he urges readers to avoid.

Philippe details the types in separate chapters. They are: The thot (That Ho Over There)—“usually promiscuous,” low-self-esteem, not classy; The Mammy—generally overweight, well-dressed, filled with attitude; The Hood Rat—thin “or a little bit plump,” “tatted,” loud, opinionated; The Bad Bitch—beautiful, a “ho” who “can place a premium on her stripping and prostitution;” The Educated Ratchet—career oriented, good looking, knows her value, cunning and vindictive, the most dangerous of all the women.

In describing these groups, Philippe often confounds readers, as in: “The bad bitch is similar to the hood rat. I would say that she is the opposite of the hood rat.” His writing can be ungrammatical and hard to follow, and the categories overlap in confusing ways: “If a thot is big she will behave like a mammy; if a mammy has small stature, she will behave exactly like a thot.”

Although a book like this is inherently demeaning to women, Phillippe dives in with particular zeal. He details each group’s appearance, down to their “waist-to-hip ratio,” breasts, skin quality, and more, and comments on their promiscuity (“they jump from one dick to the other”). Discussing what type of woman would be acceptable, he suggests: “Men should find women who are submissive and understand the true position of the man…You do not want the kind of woman who will preach feminism in your house and fight for equality.”

With its crass and negative portrayals of black women, this book is sure to offend many. But even those who agree with the author’s outlook on women will find this guide hard to use, due to its often-confusing writing issues.

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