The Destiny and Signs of God: Spiritual Psychoanalysis

Ionel Rotaru

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In this work of “spiritual psychoanalysis,” psychiatrist Ionel Rotaru recounts his life story and spiritual development, focusing primarily on how he came to understand how God communicates with us in different ways. While personal stories drive the narrative, the author’s underlying aim is to help others answer life’s big questions, including, “Who are we? Where do we come from? How can the paths we choose determine our destiny?”

Translated from Romanian into English, Rotaru’s narrative recounts his hardscrabble life growing up in Eastern Europe’s Moldova, his years practicing psychiatry in Romania, and his emigration with his family to Canada in 2005. He shares intimate stories about his family relationships and offers stimulating social, political, and personal commentaries. Overall, he urges readers to decrease dependency on life’s material aspects and embrace God more fully. Although he denounces Communism, he believes a global shift to more spiritual living will lead to a greater communal and supportive way of treating each other.

The book covers tremendous ground. In addition to the linear biographical story, the author shares his spiritual visions, explorations of yoga and the chakra system, insights on mental and physical pain and pleasure, and the role consciousness plays in our lives. In discussing how God speaks to us, he talks of signs, symbols, and unique encounters.

This book is lengthy, and while Rotaru addresses why his highly detailed biographical stories are relevant—allowing readers greater psychological and spiritual understanding of the subject—he could have summarized parts of his earlier life more succinctly. Additionally, although mostly an easy read, the narrative contains several awkward and wordy sentences (e.g., “I told my wife that my ideas were not coming from me but from her, and I would [sic] discussing with other people in her presence what was going to happen”).

Despite its copious detail and length, Rotaru’s book tells an intriguing spiritual journey that may appeal to those interested in metaphysics, personal development, and biographies of everyday people.

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