The Decisions We Make: The Place of God

O. Ven Ogbebor

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In The Decisions We Make: The Place of God, Pastor O. Ven Ogbebor encourages readers to not give up on dreams, but to ask God to bring their decisions on goals, family life, and careers into unity with His will.

Ogbebor begins with this premise: “If we put God first in the decisions we make…any decision at all that needs to be made, you will see the hand of God in it. Seek Him first, not later… He will not leave you by yourself.”

This short book consists of six chapters. Chapter One discusses the tools of prayers, fasting, and perseverance in making decisions, while Chapter Two looks at some reasons our decisions go wrong. Chapters Three and Four further address seeking God’s will, including questions to weigh when making decisions. In Chapter Five, the author shares life decisions he has made, while the concluding chapter reminds readers that “If you dreamt it, it is possible. Study His word (2 Tim. 2:15) to find His will and desire for your next move and see God working on your behalf.”

Throughout, Ogbebor relies on Scripture to explain keeping God first in decision making. He uses contemporary anecdotes as well as stories from biblical characters to illustrate decisions made within or outside of God’s will.

Ogbebor writes as though he were speaking to his audience, frequently simplifying concepts for them. For example, he compares understanding God to meeting your spouse. You first know each other, but until you spend time in the relationship, the deep understanding isn’t there.  Each chapter begins with a sidebar quote that quickly focuses readers on the coming material. There are a few typos or punctuation errors, but overall, the book is an easy and informative read.

The Decisions We Make will be appreciated by readers interested in bringing their dreams—and the decisions surrounding them—into accord with God’s will. Pastors and church librarians will appreciate this book as well.

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