The Dating Policy

Suzanne Eglington

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An entertaining and sensual erotic romance, The Dating Policy chronicles a complicated office romance and the emotional steps that one couple is willing to take to find love.

Mallory Kennedy takes her career seriously, a much different approach from the way she has handled her love life. Until now, she has avoided serious relationships, choosing to keep her connections casual. Then, at the coaxing of her work pal, Angela, she agrees to test the relationship waters—but neither has any idea what’s in store when Todd Duvall, the mysteriously rich, handsome office bad boy, steps into her life.

Mallory’s relatable emotions are her character’s strength. She struggles to maintain calm and confidence as she pursues a relationship with an intimidating man. To complicate things further, their workplace forbids dating, and one of her colleagues hints that Mallory should avoid Todd at all costs. But she risks her heart and her career, and their initial undeniable chemistry evolves into many explicit, varied, and well-written sex scenes.

Occasionally, the story jumps from one event to the next without warning, often in the middle of a chapter. This distracts from an otherwise engaging plot of romance and intrigue. But, the flaw doesn’t diminish the overall impact of an otherwise enticing story.

With its likable, three-dimensional characters, sensual encounters, genuine dialogue and emotion and an intriguing story with plenty of twists and turns, The Dating Policy boasts all the elements of a successful erotic romance. Although including a handsome leading man with a secret past borders on cliché, the strong plot, the reveal of his secrets and his well-developed character, defined by strength and a hint of vulnerability, add freshness to the conceit.

Mallory’s approachable character and a creative, unexpected and emotionally impactful story deliver a satisfying read that fans of the genre should enjoy.

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