The Cow Who Said Wow!: On the Farm

John Perkinson

Publisher: Wow Cow Publishing Pages: 16 Price: (hardcover) $12.95 ISBN: 9780692762271 Reviewed: November, 2018 Author Website: Visit »

This straightforward board book follows an enthusiastic young cow on a tour of her farm. Though light on plot, it comes with an audio button that brings an extra spark into the story.

In each scene, the cow finds a new and exciting moment to exclaim about: a colt running alongside a horse, some piglets frolicking in the mud, chicks hatching. The descriptions follow a simple and predictable pattern, all very similar to this excerpt: “She saw a lamb jumping a fence, and the cow said ‘Wow!’”

Bright, whimsical illustrations work well with the narration, and a plastic button attached to a battery-operated speaker allows readers to hear the young cow’s breathless “Wow!” as often as they’d like. The story doesn’t include a conflict or resolution, instead simply ending with the cow giving her signature response after seeing the farmer riding a tractor.

The story itself is highly simplistic, but young children will enjoy the audio enhancement, which is sure to bring a smile. Also, the engaging illustrations give adults plenty of material with which to extend the story—for example, by pointing out the cute things the ducklings are doing in one scene or asking very young readers to identify the animals and recall their sounds. Ultimately, this book will be what readers make of it since there are opportunities to innovate around the edges of the slim story.

A colorful board book with an interactive audio feature, The Cow Who Said Wow! provides a fun experience for early readers.

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